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DesignerCon 2017 exclusives and news


For the 2nd straight year, The Nerd Element will be attending DesignerCon (November 19th and 20th in Pasadena, California). For those that aren’t aware, “DesignerCon is an annual art and design convention that smashes together collectible toys and designer goods with urban, underground and pop art! DCon is over 90,000 sq. ft. and features over 350 vendors, art & custom shows, live demonstrations, and much more!”

Last year when we attended, we saw lots of great artists (and even interviewed one which you can see here)

So far this year we know of exclusives from Super7, DKE Toys, and KidRobot (all which are regular vendors at San Diego Comic-Con. All information and pictures on their exclusives courtesy of their press releases.

We will begin with the exclusives that DKE Toys (Booth #812) have announced so far.
Super Metal Mario by iBreak Toys


Lisa Rae Hansen (UK) aka iBreak Toys has made a follow up version to her previously sold out edition of Super Metal Mario. Now in traditional colors, this hand cast and hand painted 3.5″ carded figure should go quickly. 3.5″tall in clamshell packaging for easy removal. $65 tax included.

Bio: I’m Lisa Rae Hansen and I make character driven art. My formal training is in Jewelry and Silversmithing and my heart lies in the world of Art Toys. I grew up in the 80’s playing with Star Wars toys, Masters of the Universe and not a Barbie doll in sight! I spent my time drawing and making whenever I wasn’t climbing trees or riding my bike. Fascinated by movies like the Dark Crystal, Beetlejuice, Star Wars these childhood influences have informed my desire to create other worldly characters. I have grown up but never grown out of toys! I sculpt, cast and paint to produce one off and limited edition figures, custom art toys and paintings.

Instagram : @ibreaktoys
Twitter : @ibreaktoys
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/lisarae.hansen1
Facebook Page : I Break Toys

Star Weird: SpiderTrooper by Topz Toydcon2016_spidertrooper

Our buddy Thawan Khiowpiam from Thailand is on a roll. The SpiderTrooper is now available in a 3.75″ scale hand cast resin figure based on the previous larger scale figurine. Now carded and at $40 these shouldn’t last long. Numbered edition of 30

Thawan Khiowpiam is a Thailand based artist and graphic designer who has been making custom art figures under the name Topztoy (Topztoy.storenvy.com) since 2013. in 2014 he organized the “Toy-want-you” art toys exhibition in Bangkok

(http://toysrevil.blogspot.com/2014/05/toy-want-you-hoo-design-art-gallery-may.html?m=1) He also created the Facebook community group “Art Toys Thailand” https://goo.gl/ygQlpd and administers https://www.facebook.com/ArttoyTHmeet & https://www.facebook.com/ATTspotlight

ATM#1: Art toys Thailand Meeting#1″ in Bangkok, Thailand (07/19/2016)







Fatsotrooper by Bombermat Toys

dcon2016_fatsotrooper Bombermat Toys aka Matias Bomber was a groundbreaker in the Argentinian resin toys field. Producing since 2011 and now one of the few resin slingers from the end of the world, he attacks again with another Fat Shit Wars figure to follow up Lard Vader and Boba Fatt. The Fatsotrooper is 3.75 ” tall and we don’t know how wide!!! Edition of 25. Hand cast and painted carded figure.

Instagram @bombermattoys


Big League Chewy by Dead Greedy


Dead Greedy just can’t stop. Check out our googly eyed furry friend disguising himself as chewing gum. Part Wacky Package, part kitschy nonsense.
What more do you want for $30 tax incl. Hand cast and painted 3.75″ scale carded figure. Edition of 20

Dead Greedy is a pop surrealist from Dallas, Texas.

His designer toys/bootleg action figures are a mash-up of ’80s and ’90s nostalgia with a message of anti-commercialism. His work is greatly influenced by Star Wars, The $uper $ucklord and pop art.

Website: www.deadgreedy.com

Facebook: Dead Greedy

Twitter: @Jeremy_Bourquin

Instagram: @deadgreedy

Mandalorian Turtles by Has No Talent Bootlegs


Now 2 of your favorite turtles are bounty hunters? You get two hand cast 3.75″ figures on one card. Edition of 20. $80 tax included.

Instagram @hasnotalent



The Demons Within by DLL Customsdcon2016_demonswithin

Derrick Lauglaug aka DLL Customs has created an edition of 10 multi-color hand cast resin statues especially for DCon. At 8″ tall each piece is a unique piece of art. Signed and numbered edition of 10. $45 tax included.

DLL Customs has been pushing the boundaries of the resin designer toy art world since starting up monthly releases in late 2013. Using innovative ideas and concepts, combined with a wide variety of themes, DLL continues to think outside the box and deliver unique art products to resin connoisseurs everywhere.

Instagram – @dllcustoms


General Geddon by Credenda Studiosdcon2016_generalgeddon

Back by popular demand Credenda Studios aka Beau Greener has brought back the General. $60 tax included. Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure Signed and numbered edition of 20



Shits Whack by Broke1dcon2016_shitswhack

Broke1 aka Broken Pidgeon aka Brody aka Brandon Kreps (jeeez this guy has a lot of names) has put forth his masterpiece for the masses to see at DCon 2016. This $40 hand cast and painted figure comes in a clamshell with art work front and back by AWOL One. Signed and numbered edition of 20. Why will you travel to show and buy this one you ask? Because SHITS WHACK yo!!!



Instagram: @BROKE1


Droid Force – D5T-R0 by Moc Toysdcon2016_droidforce

After a long hiatus Moc Toys has returned to the fold with our favorite protocol droid ready for battle. Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 25. $65 tax included.

Instagram @moctoys


Omniscient Machinist by Green Plastic Tunnels

Green Plastic Tunnels is back with another release especially for DCon. The Omniscient Machinist stands at 3.75″ tall and is hand cast in a multi colored cascade of resin. Affordably priced at $30 tax incl. Hand cast. Edition of 20

Instagram @greenplastictunnels


Bio: I am a 35 year old artist and elementary school art teacher based out of Baltimore MD. Inspirations for artwork range from arbitrary yet eye catching color palettes and forms found in commonplace structures and generic graphic design.


Brat Fink by by Manny X Romero – Iconoclast Toys

Manny X Romero has sold out every figure edition he has ever made. This one looks to be right on the mark as well. Brat Fink embodies our favorite 50s hot rod icon. $75 tax included. Hand cast and painted 3″ carded Signed and numbered  edition of 40

Instagram @artisdead


Poquito’s Playhouse: Poquito y Pterrio by Janky Toys dcon2016_poquitos

In the grand Mexican bootleg tradition of Robert Cop and Spader-Man, Janky Toys is proud to announce his latest toy line, Poquito’s Playhouse. Why, you may ask? Why the fuck not!!! What are you some sort of bigoted politician? $45 tax included. Hand cast and painted 3.75″ carded figure. Signed and numbered edition of 20.

Instagram @jankytoys

Next up we have Super7 (who recently announced they would be taking over the ReAction line from Funko). We’ve covered Super7 before (here and here), and we can’t wait to see their selections at DesignerCon.  They will be at Booth #305.

Some of what they will be bringing to DesignerCon include their first offering of new Masters of the Universe products with a variety of new made-to-order pre-sale products that will ship in early 2017. We have been revealing details about each of these new products leading up to the pre-sale launch. Today we would like you to meet the Vintage Toy Edition Japanese vinyls and the Temple of Darkness Sorceress 3.75″ retro ReAction figure!

e0789eb8-23d2-4ab2-b813-22632fbd7e10 a1fea664-84bb-4456-b6fc-238cc2393d7e f166a3bc-13c0-42b8-8cb2-4529a4ede10d

The Worst – Graveyard Shift Set will be in Pasadena! Our diabolical gang of Robot Reaper, X-2 (The Unknown), Snake Tut, Gas Phantom, Black Falcon, and Batula are back, this time in their new Graveyard Shift variants! Meet them up close and personal in advance HERE!


Super7 will also be bringing a mysterious 15th Anniversary Lucky Bag!


Next up our are friends at KidRobot (who we have covered quite a bit here).  Their presence this year at booth #518 starts with providing the con with a 200 piece giveaway of the Horrible Adorable Series by Jordan Elise and Chris Lees (who will also be at their booth Saturday morning signing their pieces.) Also at their booth will be J*RYU (with a live painting in anticipation for a new piece releasing in late winter/early spring), James Groman who will properly showcase their upcoming Madballs product, and of course signings by Frank Kozik at their booth will also be happening.

In addition to all the exclusives covered above, there are many more we didn’t mention, which you can see and read about here http://www.designercon.com/exclusives/.


Stay tuned for more coverage before (and after) DesignerCon here!



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