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Episode 73: Family Matters

Listen…this episode right here. We had a blast! The usual suspects plus our Nerd Element family Natasha and Antonio. We go in-depth with the Supergirl, Flash, and Arrow finales, and express our own predictions about the upcoming season. Gotham is on fire right now with the Court of Owls, and iZombie is interesting as usual. Sit back and relax to our own brand of silliness as we discuss our beloved DC Universe.

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Lei May 31, 2017 at 1:22 pm

Have always been with Lana about Lois Lane. I never ever liked how some incarnations would have her treat Clark like crap. It would irk me so much. The very very first movie I remember was Superman 2 and from then on Lois left a bad taste in my mouth. But agree Lois on Smallville was cool. I also liked the Lois in Superman the Animated Series. She was sassy.

And yes Rain is my first Korean Drama love. And was happy for 5 seconds too. I dropped Supergirl in Season 2, too much nonsense for my taste, but Rain would’ve brought me back. Oh well.

*sigh* About Flash, I hope he goes into the Speed Force and comes back and the show is better. I loved Season 1 and 2 and will pop those DVDs in all the time and re watch random episodes. This Season I feel like I will purchase it because I already have the first 2, but can’t think of any episodes I want to watch again. This show just wasn’t fun anymore and I watched it more out of obligation.

“Looked him dead in his eye” Not eyes. I caught that. Hilarious

Arrow was surprisingly good this season and I am happy because it was going to get dropped. The Olicity episode with the flashbacks, I actually FF right thru those scenes, but I really hope they drop that and find him someone else. I really wouldn’t mind Oliver ending up with the new Black Canary. And I’ve already figured out how they made it out. Don’t think you guys caught that the reason Wild Dog wasn’t there was because he got abducted right before the Black Canary. The Cornrows and Hairpieces!!!! I knew it was coming! I am hollering! And Antonio saying maybe the robots do it. I can’t with ya’ll.

Waiting till Tuesday night to see Wonder Woman and going alone so I can soak it all in. Then will see it with friends. Can’t wait to hear your review.

marshallana May 31, 2017 at 11:34 pm

Definitely agree about the quality of episodes for the Flash this season although after all I’ve suffered through with Arrow I can’t complain too much. Thanks for the clarification on Wild Dog. It’s entirely possible we missed that because…quite frankly all of us watched with one eye closed. Glad the show bounced back this season with some pretty solid story lines.

Everyone will be going to see Wonder Woman this weekend so a new episode will be up soon. Thanks for listening!! -Llana

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