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Skybound San Diego Comic-Con Exclusives

Skybound has announced 4 different products (so far) that will be at their booth at San Diego Comic-Con (#2729). They are a Will and Lying Cat from SAGA action figure 2-pack ($50), a Sidney action figure from OUTCAST – TV series ($25), a THE WALKING DEAD – Shiva Force Action Figure Set from THE WALKING DEAD ($100) and Skybound Minis Mystery bags (while not an exclusive, they will debut at SDCC for $10 each).

SAGA – The Will and Lying Cat action figure 2-pack. $50


From the pages of the hit comic Saga, comes the latest action figure set from Skybound and McFarlane Toys, The Will and Lying Cat. These fan favorite bounty hunters are going to be available at the Skybound booth #2729 at SDCC. (And if you haven’t grabbed the Alana & Marko 2-pack yet, get it today at the Skybound Store)

OUTCAST (TV series) – Sidney Action Figure. $25


The evil Sidney makes his action figure debut from the Cinemax TV show, Outcast. This figure will be available at the Skybound booth (2729) during SDCC.

THE WALKING DEAD – Shiva Force Action Figure Set. $100


The Walking Dead Shiva Force four figure gift-box is available in regular color version and a bloody variant. These gift-boxes are limited to 1000 copies each and are priced at $100! You can get them ONLY at SDCC. Check out our full description and the trailer here!

SKYBOUND – Skybound Minis. $10


We’re bringing you a brand new line of 3″ mystery mini figures! We’ve got mini versions of characters from HORIZON, MANIFEST DESTINY, THE WALKING DEAD, and more! Get the full details here!

We’ll have more details and announcements soon so make sure to keep an eye here and on Skybound’s Twitter and Facebook for the latest!

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