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Awesome Con 2018 Photo Highlights

Each year Awesome Con, Washington, D.C.’s very own comic book/sci-fi/pop-culture convention is getting bigger and better, attendance wise and guest wise. With big name guests like John Boyega (Star Wars & Pacific Rim), Michael Rooker (The Walking Dead & Guardians of the Galaxy), and Dave Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy & Blade Runner 2049), just to name a few, the Smithsonian hosting their very own FUTURE-CON, and Netflix coming through to promote their own version of the sci-fri classic, Lost in Space, the convention is definitely gaining vibes reminiscent of San Diego International Comic Con.

The biggest highlights of the con for me personally were John Boyega’s Q/A and the Science of Pacific Rim panel, especially with all the in-depth research the production team did to make the jaegers and kaiju realistic.  Do enjoy our photo coverage of the convention below, featuring various awesome cosplayers, and panel coverage from The Science of Pacific Rim, and John Boyega’s Q/A panel!

and Poison Ivy (IG: prettyinblack102)Kilmonger - Black Panther
Cosplayer: @blackhispanic_ (ig)Wrench - Watch Dogs 2
Cosplayer: Saquonte W.Inking Kid - SplatoonPowerline - A Goofy MovieMCU Dr. Strange and Lady Strange
Cosplayers: countsmatthew (ig) Negan - The Walking DeadRubin Ervin
Awesome Con Main Event panel MCRobert Napton, VP/Editorial Director at Legendary Comics
Moderator for the Pacific Rim PanelBarnaby Legg, SVP Creative Strategy at Legendary
and Dr. Rich DeVaul, Head of Mad Science at X, the moonshot factory.Dr. Erin Macdonald (PhD in astrophysics), with Robert Napton, Barnaby Legg, and Dr. Rich DeVaul.Pennywise - IT
Cosplayer: fightness_fx_studio (ig)Dr. Krieger and Kimiko (IG: daniskycosplay)
Archer seriesDomino - Deadpool 2
Cosplayer: Blackkrystel (IG)Aloy - Horizon Zero Dawn
Cosplayer: Tinysithassassin (ig)Tony Stark - Iron Man
Baze - Star Wars: Rouge One
Cosplayer: glockcoma_72Ariel - Disney's The Little Mermaid
Cosplayer: ninjasquirelss (ig)Scarecrow and Dorothy - The Wizard of OZ
Cosplayers: obiwillkenobi (ig) and megtheforcebewithu (ig)Jay, Silent Bob, and Randal - Clerks 2
Weiss Schnee: daydreamc0splay (ig)
Ruby Rose (vol 1): laputorium (ig)
Ruby Rose (Slayer outfit): kadencosplay (ig)
Yang Xiao Long: Icelune (ig)
RWBY seriesSailor Chibi Moon - Sailor Moon
Cosplayer: hajakawaii (ig)Yang Xiao Long - RWBY
Cosplayer: Icelune (ig)Ruby Rose - RWBY
Cosplayer: laputorium (ig)Evil-Lyn and Skeletor - He-Man: Masters of the Universe
Cosplayers: Drachynn (ig) and (ig)Evil-Lyn - He-Man: Masters of the Universe
Cosplayer: Drachynn (ig) Skeletor - He-Man: Masters of the Universe
Cosplayer: (ig)Loki - Thor/Marvel MCU
Cosplayer: Independent_variable_cosplayWonder Woman
Cosplayer: Samurai Spiderman: _xades (ig)
Gladiator Captain America: dannyboy828 (ig) Dora Milaje soldier - Black PantherCinderellaHarley Queen, Jokerat, and Roadrash - DC/Overwatch mashup
Cosplayers: Agentbartoncosplay (ig), Ponzoid (ig), and Roystroyer (ig). Roadrash - DC/Overwatch mashup
Cosplayer: Roystroyer (ig)Jokerat - DC/Overwatch mashup
Cosplayer: Ponzoid (ig)Harley Queen - DC/Overwatch mashup
Cosplayer: Agentbartoncosplay (ig)Elizabeth - Bioshock Infinite
Cosplayer: skywardsongcosplay (ig)Link- Legend of ZeldaUmbreon gijinka, Pride, and Bakugo Katsuki
Cosplayers: ioannis989 (ig), becoswhynot1213 (ig), and johngablescosplay (ig)Umbreon gijinka - Pokemon
Cosplayer: ioannis989 (ig)Bakugo Katsuki - My Hero Academia
Cosplayer: (JohnGablesCosplay)Pride - Fullmetal Alchemist
Cosplayer: becoswhynot1213 (ig)Akasha - Queen of the Damned
Cosplayer: casturicosplay (ig)Arthur meme
Cosplayer: tia_b33 (ig)KrampusSupergirl
Cosplayer: helalipop (ig)1/2 Queue for John Boyega panel2/2 Queue for John Boyega panelPre-panel dance contestBoyega's panel moderator Ash CrossanChewbacca actor Joonas Suotamo surprised attendees at the panelNebula - Guardians of the Galaxy
Cosplayer: katt_noir (ig)Black Lighting
Cosplayer: Bishopcosplay (ig)Samus (gravity suit) - MetroidHalloween Mercy - Overwatch
Cosplayer: leoneofthestarscosplay (ig)Green LanternGreen Lantern and DeadpoolUmbrella Corp. Soldier - Resident Evil and DeadpoolKick-Ass
Cosplayer: Sam D Man (fb)Friendship!
Deadpool: Vrokar (ig)
Kick-Ass: Sam D Man (fb)
Spider-Man: the_web_king (ig)McCree, Mercy (Imp skin), and Roadhog - Overwatch

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