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Wednesday, Sep 28, 2022
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Disneyland Coronavirus Update

It appears that Disneyland Resort together with other Disney theme parks could be reopening sometime in the summer. Rumor has it that Disneyland Resort is reopening on June 1st, which could have a lingering impact on attendance through 2021, in step with news analysts. One analyst’s report from J.P. Morgan also estimated that the closing of all 12 Disney parks during the covid-19 pandemic could cost the Disney parks, Experiences, and Products division, $5 billion in lost revenue in financial year 2020. In terms of the financial year, J.P. Morgan has lowered its attendance expectations for Disney theme parks through the end of the company’s 2020 financial year in late September and for 2021. The world health emergency is also expected to lower the Disney resort occupancy, in step with the report.

In other Disney news… Disneyland is planning on doing a $200,000 renovation for Frontierland gate when Disneyland reopens again. It is expected to be similar to the earlier Adventureland sign project that widened the notoriously-crowded entryway to the tropical land as part of a park-wide effort to improve pedestrian traffic flow.

Stay tuned for more Disneyland coronavirus updates.  

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