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Week 11 Prediction Updates, Week 12 NFC and AFC Playoff Pictures, Predictions, and Picks!

So last week, I got some of the predictions correct and some of them wrong. For instance, I predicted that the Titans would beat the Ravens in a close game 35-31, but the actual score was 30-24 Titans over the Ravens as the Titans won in overtime with running back Derrick Henry running it in for the game-winning touchdown. I predicted that the Steelers would beat the Jaguars 38-10 in a blowout, but the actual score was 27-3 Steelers over the Jags. I predicted that the Colts would beat the Packers 25-22, but the actual score was 34-31 Colts over the Packers in a high scoring game. The Colts won the game with the field goal by the kicker Adam Vinatieri after the Packers wide receiver Marquez Valdes-Scantling fumbled the ball to give the Colts a chance to go win the game and that’s what happened. I predicted that the Browns would beat the Eagles 35-22, but the actual score was 22-17 Browns over the Eagles in a close game. I predicted that the Washington Football Team would beat the Bengals 20-17, but the actual score was 20-9 Football Team over the Bengals. My prediction there was so close!! I predicted that the Chiefs would beat the Raiders 38-30, but the actual score was 35-31 Chiefs over the Raiders. My prediction there was so close as well!! I predicted that the Buccaneers would beat the Rams 31-23, but the actual score was 27-24 Rams over the Bucs. I predicted that the Vikings would beat the Cowboys 32-20, but the actual score was 31-28 Cowboys over the Vikings in a close game. I predicted that the Dolphins would beat the Broncos 37-21, but the actual score was 20-13 Broncos over the Dolphins. This game kind of surprised me because the Dolphins offense was not able to get that much offense going as they needed to and the Broncos defense stepped up really well. I predicted that the Lions would beat the Panthers 23-19, but the actual score was 20-0 Panthers over the Lions in a shutout. I predicted that the Patriots would beat the Texans 31-27, but the actual score was 27-20 Texans over the Patriots.

So, I got 6 out of 11 picks correct!

Now, I want to talk about the playoff pictures in the AFC and in the NFC. I will start off with the AFC with 7 teams:

  1. Steelers: 10-0
  2. Chiefs: 9-1
  3. Bills: 7-3
  4. Colts: 7-3
  5. Titans: 7-3
  6. Browns: 6-4
  7. Raiders: 6-4

These playoff standings where they stand right now may change after these teams play tomorrow. Now for the NFC playoff picture, here are the 7 teams where they stand now:

  1. Saints: 8-2
  2. Rams: 7-3
  3. Packers: 7-3
  4. Washington: 4-7
  5. Seahawks: 7-3
  6. Buccaneers: 7-4
  7. Cardinals: 6-4

These playoff standings just like the AFC may change after each team’s performance tomorrow so, keep an eye out.

Now let’s move on to the week 12 picks, shall we?! The first game I will predict is the Chargers @Bills game. I think the Bills will take care of business over the Chargers 26-17 because the Chargers just find ways to lose and the Bills have been playing really good football this season. The next game I will predict is the Cardinals @Patriots game. The Cardinals are coming off with the disappointing loss to the Seahawks because they killed themselves with too many penalties and the offense just couldn’t get anything going by not running the ball and making some bad decisions that they shouldn’t be making. The Cardinals need to win tomorrow to keep up in the playoff race and I think they will do it by winning over the Patriots 33-20. The Cardinals would move to 7-4 to tie with the Buccaneers as a tie. Speaking of which, the next game I will be predicting is the Chiefs @Buccaneers game. This should be a good game with the Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes and his dangerous offensive weapons and Tom Brady the quarterback of the Bucs with his weapons as well. I think the Chiefs offensive weapons will win the battle over the Bucs in a close game 35-30. The Bucs loss would put them 7-5 and the Cardinals would move up to the 6th seed for now. The next game I will predict is the Titans @Colts game. This should also be a good game because it is a divisional-rivalries. I think the Colts can come out with the win over the Titans 38-31 in a shootout. The next game I will predict is the Saints @Broncos game. I think the Saints are definitely winning this game over the Broncos 31-13 because all the quarterbacks for the Broncos are ineligible to play tomorrow. The next game I will predict is the 49ers @Rams game. I think the Rams will get a revenge with a win over the 49ers 24-17. The next game I will predict is the Raiders @Falcons game. I think the Raiders will come away with the win over the Falcons 34-20. The next game I will predict is the Ravens @Steelers game. I think the Ravens are devastated to win this game and I will give them the win over the Steelers 38-24. The next game I will predict is the Dolphins @Jets game. I think the Dolphins should come away with the victory over the Jets 41-26. The next game I will predict is the Bears @Packers game. I think the Packers will come away with the win over the Bears 27-17 because they will bounce back from last week’s brutal loss to the Colts where they could have won that game. The last game I will predict is the Seahawks @Eagles game. I have a feeling that the Seahawks will beat the Eagles 17-9 because that’s what the score seems always to be.

So, what do you guys think about this week’s Predictions, picks, and playoff pictures?!

I would like to hear some comments, thoughts, concerns, or opinions down below!

Feel free to ask me questions if you guys have questions!

Stay tuned for AFC and NFC playoff pictures, picks, and prediction updates!

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