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Tomorrow’s Thursday Night Football Prediction!

Good evening, folks, Today I want to discuss who is playing tomorrow on Thursday night football! So, let’s get started, shall we?! So, the first matchup of the season will be the Kansas City Chiefs and the Detroit Lions in Kansas City. A lot of people really think that the Lions are going to be very good this season. The Chiefs of course will be good once again especially after winning their second Super Bowl in State Farm Stadium against the Eagles. The Chiefs pro bowl tight end Travis Kelce is questionable to play vs the Lions as he is dealing with his knee. He hyperextended his knee while he was practicing on the field with his teammates. That would not be a good start for the Chiefs if he can’t play because he is a dual threat to all of the opponents no matter what team the Chiefs play. Of course, they could find a way to win the game without him, but it might be a little bit tough for the Chiefs offense. So, what is my first prediction of the season? I think the Chiefs come out on top of the Lions 37-23 in a pretty close game. The Lions offense and defense could play good tomorrow, but it won’t be enough to beat the Super Bowl Champions especially the fact that the stadium is so loud as the crowds just distract the away teams rooting for them to make mistakes. So, there you go!

What are your thoughts about the game?! I would love to hear your comments and thoughts down below!

Stay tuned for NFL updates.

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