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NFL Week 5 Prediction Updates and Week 6 Picks!

Good evening, folks! Today I want to discuss which picks I got correct and which ones I got wrong! So, let’s get started, shall we?! I predicted that the Jags would beat the Bills 24-20, but the final was 25-20 Jags over the Bills. Just off by one point!!! I almost got the exact prediction correct!!!! I predicted that the Steelers would beat the Ravens 34-27, but the final score was 17-10 Steelers over the Ravens. I predicted that the Eagles would beat the Rams 37-19, but the final score was 23-14 Eagles over the Rams. I predicted that the Jets would beat the Broncos 26-23, but the final score was 31-21 Jets over the Broncos. I predicted that the Chiefs would beat the Vikings 24-17, but the final score was 27-20 Chiefs over the Vikings.

I predicted that the Cardinals would beat the Bengals 24-17, but the final score was 34-20 Bengals over the Cards. Jamar Chase was getting a lot of separations as he had over 100 yards receiving mostly because the Cards defense was getting him so much space to run. The Cards offense came back from down 10-0 to 14-10, but they did not play well enough. I predicted that the Cowboys would beat the 49ers 40-37, but the final score was 42-10 49ers over the Cowboys in a blowout. I predicted that the Packers would beat the Raiders 28-21, but the final score was 17-13 Raiders over the Packers.

Overall, I have gotten 5 out of 8 picks correct!! Now, let’s get to the NFL week 6 picks, shall we?! The first game I will predict is the Ravens @Titans game. I think the Ravens will beat the Titans 19-10. The next game I will predict is the Seahawks @Bengals game. I think the Bengals will beat the Seahawks 24-16. The next game I will predict is the 49ers @Browns game. I think the 49ers will beat the Browns easily 34-7. I know, call me crazy if you want to. The next game I will predict is the Colts @Jags game, the divisional rivalries. The Colts in Jacksonville have not played that well and they always seem to lose to them while there. With that in mind, I think the Jags will continue to beat the Colts in their stadium 31-17. The next game I will predict is the Pats @Raiders game. I think the Raiders will beat the Pats 27-23. The next game I will predict is the Cardinals @Rams game, the divisional rivalries. Both of these teams are coming off with their losses last week. The Rams offense has 2 best wide receivers including of course Cooper Kupp and a new guy named Puka Nacua. They also have Tutu Atwell. On the defense, of course Aaron Donald is still there. The Cards in the secondary are missing key pieces including Budda Baker and Jalen Thompson. They are going to have their hands full and will have a test against the Rams offense. I think to be honest that the Rams will beat the Cardinals 34-24. I just don’t think that they are going to win if Matthew Stafford keeps getting so much time and slinging the ball down the field and the defense of the Cardinals might keep getting wide receivers’ lot more space to run. Not even playing close to the receivers. The next game I will predict is the Eagles @Jets game. I think the Eagles will beat the Jets 37-20. The next game I will predict is the Giants @Bills game on Sunday night Football. I think the Bills will beat the Giants 34-17. The last game I will predict is the Cowboys @Chargers game. I think the Cowboys will beat the Chargers 24-21.

So, what are your guy’s thoughts and comments about the NFL week 6 picks?!

Stay tuned for NFL updates.

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