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NFL Week 13 Prediction Updates and Week 14 Picks!

Good evening, folks! Today I want to discuss which picks I got correct and which ones I got wrong! So, let’s get started, shall we?! I predicted that the Lions would beat the Saints 36-21, but the final score was 33-28 Lions over the Saints. The Saints almost came back from being down 21-0, but they fell short. I predicted that the Texans would beat the Broncos 27-20, but the final score was 22-17 Texans over the Broncos.

I predicted that the Steelers would beat the Cardinals 45-16, but the final score was 24-10 Cardinals over the Steelers. The Cardinals defense played exceptionally well and the offense was able to finally move the ball down the field. Nobody picked the Cardinals to win the game. The Steelers defense struggled to stop the run as James Connor scored a touchdown in his return to Pittsburg. I predicted that the Eagles would beat the 49ers 36-31, but the final score was 42-19 49ers over the Eagles in a huge blowout. The 49ers ran the ball with of course Christian McCaffrey and he ran all over the Eagles defense that is really good. The 49ers just have too many playmakers and they have the right players. I predicted that the Chiefs would beat the Packers 34-24, but the final score was 27-19 Packers over the Chiefs. I predicted that the Jags would beat the Bengals 31-17, but the final score was 34-31 Bengals over the Jags in overtime. The Bengals in overtime went down the field to kick a game-winning field goal to win the field goal.

Overall, I have gotten 2 out of 6 picks correct!!! Now, let’s get to the NFL week 14 picks, shall we?! The first game I will predict is the Rams @Ravens game. I think the Ravens will beat the Rams 27-10. The next game I will predict is the Seahawks @49ers game, the divisional rivalries. I think the 49ers will beat the Seahawks 34-17 and sweep their rivalry for the second straight season. The next game I will predict is the Bills @Chiefs game. I think the Chiefs will beat the Bills 31-28. The next game I will predict is the Broncos @Chargers game, the divisional rivalries. I actually think the Broncos will beat the Chargers 24-17. The next game I will predict is the Eagles @Cowboys game, the divisional rivalries on Sunday Night Football. This is going to be a great game to watch. I think the Eagles win by a mile over the Cowboys 35-32 in a shootout. The next game I will predict is the Titans @Dolphins game on Monday Night Football. I think the Dolphins will beat the Titans 36-14. The last game I will predict is the Packers @Giants game. I think the Packers will beat the Giants 27-15.

So, what do you guys think about the NFL week 14 picks?! I would love to hear your thoughts and comments down below!

Stay tuned for NFL updates.

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