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San Diego Comic Con

Factory Entertainment SDCC24 Exclusives!

July 24 – 28 Booth #2743

Factory Entertainment will have 7 Convention Exclusive Premiere products at this years Comic-Con. They will be made available on the website FactoryEnt.com and available in the booth, while stock lasts.

Click here for pre-orders

Here are the exclusives, more to be added as they are announced!

Batman Returns Batarang Scaled Prop Replica™


A high quality, officially licensed scaled prop replica of the Batarang from Batman Returns (1992).

This stunning 6-inch heavy duty scaled prop replica is cast in solid metal, comes in collector packaging and features a display stand.

Star Trek | The Next Generation Cricket Phaser Bottle Opener


Whether you’re home or on an away mission, this opener is set to stun any bottle within range! Careful, too many direct shots have been known to cause moments of unconsciousness in most humanoids!

This heavy duty bottle opener is cast in solid metal and is based on the Cricket Phaser from Star Trek | The Next Generation.

Back To The Future | Plutonium Case Scaled Prop Replica™


“Doc, you don’t just walk into a store and buy plutonium!” – Marty McFly

A high quality, officially licensed scaled prop replica of the Plutonium Case as seen in Back To The Future.

This amazing 3.5-inch tall by 3-inch wide scaled prop replica is cast out of solid metal and comes in collector packaging. It can be displayed both open and closed.

Peacemaker | Helmet Bottle Opener


“Easy, Inspector Gadget. A little drink never hurt nobody.” – Peacemaker

After a violent day of peacekeeping, every hero deserves a frosty beverage. And, what better way to crack open a cold one than with our Peacemaker Helmet Bottle Opener?

This heavy-duty, all metal bottle opener easily opens bottles and features strong magnets allowing you to display and store this enduring symbol of patriotism on the fridge.

If you cherish peace with all of your heart, you’ll need this Peacemaker Bottle Opener.

House Of The Dragon | The Crown Of King Viserys Targaryen Scaled Prop Replica™


“The crown cannot stand strong if the house of the dragon remains divided.” – King Viserys Targaryen

As prominently worn by King Viserys Targaryen and Rhaenyra Targaryen in the hit HBO series House Of The Dragon, this latest entry in Factory Entertainment’s scaled  replica line features fine details from the original prop.

Cast in solid metal, it measures 3.75-inches deep by 3-inches wide and comes with an acrylic display base in collector packaging.

Battlestar Galactica | Viper MK II Bottle Opener


Our latest Convention Exclusive premiere will have you feeling as nimble as a jackrabbit and hitting six (or seven) G’s in no time! Get in the cockpit and get ready to pop open some bottle caps with our Battlestar Galactica Viper MK II Bottle Opener.

This heavy-duty bottle opener captures the single seat fighter in a distinctive solid metal execution and features a series of magnets allowing you to display it and grab it off your fridge at a moment’s notice.

Star Trek | The Original Series Catspaw Enterprise Prop Replica


Based on the Starship Enterprise miniature that was encased in crystal, as seen on the Star Trek | The Original Series Halloween episode titled Catspaw, this brand new limited edition 1:1 scale prop replica features a screen-accurate aluminum Enterprise miniature sealed in clear acrylic and a metal chain. Perfect for getting certain members of Starfleet to do your bidding.

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