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Some new Disney updates

Hello everyone! Today I want to discuss of couple of news that I want to talk about that stuck out to me lately. So, let’s get started, shall we?! Disney has announced that they are changing the lightning lane system from Genie + to multi-pass and single pass lightning lanes. This will go into effect on July 24th. When the day of your visit arrives, you can make more Lightning Lane reservations based on what’s still available on the My Disney Experience app. You’ll be able to have three reservations at a time, so once you use up one of the three that you made ahead of your trip, you can book another one, and then continue to do that throughout the day. Lightning Lane Single Pass will essentially work the same way as Individual Lightning Lanes do now, but starting on the 24th, you’ll be able to purchase these Lightning Lanes in advance. You can get either Multi Pass or Single Pass or choose to use both. Along with these changes, Disney has brought back the ride tier systems. Rides in each park are divided into one of two tiers. When you make Lightning Lane reservations as part of the Multi Pass service, you get to pick up to one ride from the first tier and two rides from the second tier. You can choose to pick three rides from the second tier instead if you don’t want to go on any of the first-tier rides. The only park that does not have ride tiers is Animal Kingdom, which means you can choose any of the Lightning Lanes in that park as part of your three selections. Avatar: Flight of Passage is still considered an Individual Lightning Lane, A.K.A. Lightning Lane Single Pass.

But there’s one thing missing

Disney shared a list of Lightning Lanes that are part of the Multi Pass Experience and which tier each falls into. But when we looked through the lists for each park, we noticed that character meet-and-greets are NOT included. Right now, there are a few character meet-and-greet attractions that have Lightning Lanes and are currently part of Genie+, but they’re not listed as being part of Disney’s new Multi Pass service. This may also go into effect at Disneyland Resort as well.

In other news… The new DAS system has gone into effect at the Disneyland resort. Many disabilities are not visible to others. The DAS pass at Disneyland is a way to meet the needs of guests with special circumstances (such as autism or developmental disabilities) that make it difficult or impossible to wait in a standard queue. The DAS is also ideal for froglets who wander or elope to other locations because of autism or related developmental disabilities since it allows you more control over your wait time and location — and the ability to keep a child in a stroller beyond the usual stroller parking area. (Get your stroller tagged by guest relations for this.) A guest whose disability is based on needing to use a wheelchair or scooter does not need DAS. If a guest in a wheelchair has additional needs, then that person might benefit from the DAS and qualify. If you have a mobility issue that prevents you from standing in line but are not using a wheelchair, it’s possible the accommodation could be to ask you to rent a wheelchair or use a different ride entrance without steps where necessary. You may have a discussion about how Disneyland can address your needs. But the DAS may not be it. It is really designed for guests who do not have mobility issues and for guests who have “invisible” disabilities. Disneyland already complies with the ADA when it comes to disability ride access and offers a wide suite of accessibility options besides DAS. So, if you have mobility issues or need to transfer from an ECV or wheelchair to ride, you do not need DAS. Other options that Disney might suggest for you (based on your needs and health issues) may include Rider Switch passes, Location Return Time passes for older non–ADA compliant queues, wheelchair transfer options, sign language interpreters and handheld devices for the visually impaired. No, you do not need proof of your disability at Disney parks in the United States. (But the rules can be different at international Disney parks.) Disneyland takes guests at their word and doesn’t ask for it. Keep in mind that the more details you can share with cast members, though, the better they are able to assist and accommodate you! If it is difficult to talk about your issues, write them down so you have something to refer to when discussing them or bring a companion who can help communicate. When talking to the cast member, it’s better to focus on your needs and what is challenging or impossible about waiting in a standard queue, so they can let you know what kind of accommodation they can offer based on your situation. There is a lot of information, but I just want to point out some details.

So, what do you guy’s think about the information? I would love to hear your thoughts and comments down below!

Stay tuned for Disney updates.

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