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Of Course You Do… Supes and Wondy #6


by Llana

In October of 2013 DC Comics introduced Superman Wonder Woman. A comic based on new romantic relationship between Superman and Wonder Woman. The move was met with controversy as naysayers firmly believed that Superman should be with Lois Lane, with romantic choices for Wonder Woman ranging between Steve Trevor and Batman.

In this issue we see Zod and Faora working with a gate that would free something from the Phantom Zone. Meanwhile Superman and Wonder Woman visit Hephestus to attain special weaponry that would allow SM/WW to contain the Kryptonians. The Kryptonians are confronted and without spoiling the story, an event takes place that takes the relationship between Wonder Woman and Superman to a whole new level.

Charles Soule has created a universe in which Clark and Diana are allowed to explore their working relationship, as well as there personal one. There were early concerns that Wonder Woman being the only female member of the Trinity (Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman) would have her role diminished to Superman’s girlfriend. If there were any lingering doubts, this issue should assuage them. She more than holds her own on every front.

Soule has created a relationship dynamic in which Clark’s vulnerability is on display more often than not. Diana is the least experienced on the relationship front and it shows. This is not your run of the mill love story…and that’s what makes it great.

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