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Pretty Little Liars, Recap 5×02, “Whirly Girly”












We’ll just delve right into the aftermath of Alison’s return to Rosewood and the impact it has made on our little liars and those close to them. Shall we?

On the bus ride home, the girls decide to have Alison confess everything from The Jenna Thing to the night she ran away and beyond. They march into the police station first, since we now have a reliable detective and all. It takes Ali all of .5 seconds to start lying, making up a convoluted kidnapping story.









Even Holbrook can see there’s more holes in this tale than swiss cheese. Not your best work, girl.


The girls head home to receive the “WTH just happened?” speeches from their families. Mrs. Hastings takes off the lawyer hat for once, only telling Spencer she had poor judgment, and to throw some shade at Melissa’s secret keeping attitude. Spencer’s red flag definitely went up at that remark, so I expect to see some sleuthing begin soon.


Ashley Marin was more with the psychology “How do you feel?” questions than grilling Hanna for being missing for days. Mike’s curiosity has peaked over Ali’s “kidnapping”. (Did Mike bulk up a bit over break or what??) Mrs. Fields managed to phone in from Texas.


Then, normal life gets kicked right out the door with one simple text to Alison. “The truth will bury you in a New York minute.” And so it begins again.


Spencer, Hanna, and Emily revert to amateur detective mode to uncover who is still after Alison. Some trash from New York, Jason watching Ali sleep, an “I can’t protect you anymore” email of Mrs. D’s and some general creepiness lead the girls to the conclusion that Jason is who Mrs. Dilaurentis is covering for. Which makes sense. What else could possibly make a mother bury her daughter’s body if not to save the other child? Not to mention, she has been missing since Ali came back.


Spencer’s investigating gets  inevitably sidetracked by Toby’s return. She spends a good part of the episode getting “reacquainted” with Toby and his glorious abs. Get it, girl!









Aria, on the other hand, is full on freaking the heck out. She’s become paranoid to the point of trying to re-create Ali’s lie about a hideout. The news of  an anonymous text, haunting violin music following her around, and Mike rekindling his relationship with Mona probably aren’t helpful factors either.

Clearly, killing someone isn’t as easy for Aria to swallow as it was for Emily. These two have a conversation about it. “You don’t understand until it happens to you, it takes time, etc.” It’s a sweet bonding moment until you remember it’s bonding over murder.









Emily is right though, Aria needs to get her stuff together or it’ll soon be her turn to visit Radley.


Seeing Alison in her old room, her familiar tension with Jason, her sweet relationship with her father, are so surreal. She spends most of her time cooped up in the house, hiding away from prying reporters and curious townspeople. For once, Ali doesn’t want to be in the spotlight. Maybe she can change. Or maybe she can sneak out to visit her own grave. Baby steps, people.


While Alison is mourning either the girl in her tomb or her former life (I’d say a bit of both), Mona sneaks up on her. Ali makes a plea to her, promising her a spot in the group, what Loser Mona always wanted. But this is New World Mona and she isn’t easily swayed by popularity. She’s been there, done that. She drops the Good Samaritan act, reveals she sent the text, and effectively declares war on Alison Dilaurentis. I say stand back and let them at each other. This should be good.










Of course, no season would be complete without a murder to solve. The adorable dog Alison adopted finds someone in the ground. He barks Lassie-style ‘Timmy’s down the well!’ until all five liars and Jason take notice and come to see what’s wrong. Bet they wish they hadn’t. It’s Mrs. Dilaurentis’ arm. We know for sure Mrs. Dilaurentis is dead, buried alive. The irony of that is not lost on me.


Who killed Mrs. Dilaurentis?

How will Alison handle the loss of her mother?

Who will make the first move, Alison or Mona?

Will Spencer uncover Melissa’s secret?

Hasn’t Caleb had enough of Ravenswood yet?


Find out next week!


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