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Korra’s Korner – Episodes 8 & 9! SPOILERS!

Did you miss us last week? There was an impromptu break due to San Diego Comic-Con, but now we are rested and back! We were presented with the episodes “The Terror Within” and “The Stakeout” in which we learn more about Zaheer and the SuperBenders!

‘The Terror Within’

Following the previous episode, Korra has mastered metalbending and is sparring with some inhabitants whilst Bolin is still trying to metalbend, fails horribly. The scene pans to a going away dinner party for Opal, who is joining the airbending nation, and Zao Fu locks down for the night.

During the night, Zaheer and the SuperBenders invade Zao Fu and make off with the avatar with the assistance of a couple of tranquilizer darts. Luckily, Pabu awakens Bolin just in time to realize that Korra was taken.

An impressive battle ensues, showing off the mighty bending powers of the SuperBenders, who almost make off with Korra. If it was not for Bolin’s crackshot aim, he knocked out the combustion bender with a rock to her third eye.¬†That allowed Suyin and Lin to sneak Korra away saving the day. In a gust of wind, Zaheer and the SuperBenders make their escape.

After some sisterly love, Suyin and Lin interrogate some suspects only to come to a young guard who apparently let Zaheer and the SuperBenders into the city and everything. The gang smells through that plan and after an investigation of Aiwei’s home, they discover he is the one behind everything.

The Beifongs prevent Korra and the gang from leaving to track Aiwei and the plan is for Lin to take Korra to the Northern Air Temple in the morning, but Suyin has other plans. Suyin gives Korra a Jeep, and a way out of the city so they could take Aiwei to the Misty Palm Oasis.

‘The Stakeout’

With the help of Naga’s tracking skills, they track the scent of Naga all the way to the Misty Palms Oasis. They discovered that the Earth Queen had issued wanted posters for all of the gang… Bolin and Mako decide to go undercover to the Misty Palms Oasis to see if they can find Aiwei.

After some shenanigans about Bolin being a mover, they get a room across from Aiwei at the inn. Korra realizes that Zaheer isn’t in the area, Aiwei and Zaheer are meeting in the Spirit World. After joining the Spirit World with them, Zaheer notices that Korra followed them and throws Aiwei into the Lost Fog.

Zaheer then sits down with Korra and explains his tale: he is a member of the Red Lotus, an offshoot of the White Lotus after the 100 year war. The Red Lotus believe that the White Lotus has lost its way and that the only true order is disorder. Whilst speaking to Korra, Zaheer communicates to the SuperBenders in the physical world that Korra is at the Misty Palm Oasis, and they go after Korra.

Bolin and Mako fight off No Arms Lady and Lava Guy while Asami and a passed out Korra escape only to be captured by the Earth Nation. Bolin and Mako are captured by the SuperBenders and are kept alive for some nefarious use…

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