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Castle Season Premiere Recap


The wait is finally over. Last season fans of the long running serial Castle thought their dreams would come true with the impending nuptials of Richard Castle and Detective Kate Beckett. There was just one small problem…Beckett was married. There was a race against time as Castle put together the last details of the wedding while Beckett tracked down her degenerate husband to get a divorce.  Enter in bikers, a crazy girlfriend, mobsters, and you’ve got a pretty entertaining pre-wedding adventure. The case was wrapped and the camera cuts to Castle driving to the Hamptons in his tux when tragedy strikes.

The season premiere takes place in real time right after the discovery that Castle’s car is on fire in a ditch. Beckett runs down in her wedding dress and discovers him missing from the vehicle.  New showrunner David Amann as well as creator Andrew Marlowe have hinted at a new mythology for the Castle character. With the murder of Beckett’s mother solved, there are plenty of directions the show can take focusing on Castle’s storied past.  Fans definitely got a taste of that with Castle becoming the prime suspect in his own disappearance.

The reaction of the season premiere was decidedly mixed. While I thoroughly enjoyed it many felt as though the major players were (especially Esposito) completely out of character, and were upset that the dynamic duo hadn’t tied the knot. I’m personally more interested in having a new mythology, and Castle having a great story arc. I have to say it’s about time.


*Photo courtesy of ABC/Bob D’Amico uploaded by Natasha Williams

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