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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 6

Welcome to my favorite episode of Orphan Black so far! I always say that Sarah is my favorite but this episode might push Alison to the top of my list! Seriously, this is one of those shocking openers that makes me sit back down and wait for the commercial to end!

We start off with Donnie and his sleepy butt in bed. Alison is reviewing the husband cam video which reveals that Donnie left in the middle of the night to go somewhere when Alison was sleeping. In the morning he’s all huffy about how Alison didn’t get all of the needed things for the kids’ birthday party. We all know it’s because she was being attacked by Vic in the parking lot but Donnie has no clue. Alison questions him regarding his middle of the night escape act and Donnie dismisses her questions as he prepares to go out to the store to get ice. Donnie, everyone in the world forgets ice, it’s just a fact, deal with it.

Alison is clearly paranoid and she grabs the nearby golf clubs and pulls out a nice driver. I’m thinking to myself, “she’s not going to really hit him with it, right? It’s just a bit of plot misdirection.” And then KAPOW! Alison smacks Donnie right in the face with the golf club and knocks him out cold! Wow, nice follow through Alison! Also, I missed an opportunity to shout “Fore”!

Back at Beth’s place Paul is giving some background on himself including his military career and his private contractor status. He mentions that he is forced to be a monitor because of blackmail and Sarah learns that the results of the medical tests go to Olivier. Then Sarah nicely slips out the window right before I think we are getting another Paul/Sarah happy shower scene.

To the Clone Car! Pick up the Clone Phone! Commissioner Gordon is on the line…oops, wrong show. But seriously, I need to see fan art with Sarah as Batman, Felix as Robin, that Beamer as the Batmobile. Sarah and Cosima are on the line where she confirms that it is a double blind experiment for Paul. Cosima decides that Delphine may be her new monitor since they conveniently run into each other at the library. It’s a little too perfect these chance meet-ups, especially since Delphine is inviting Cosima to science meet-ups. Alison breaks out of call waiting and she tells Sarah there is an emergency and that she needs her help immediately. Alison doesn’t quite know what to do with knocked out cold Donnie.

Alison drags Donnie downstairs and sets him up in the craft room. Paranoia takes hold and Alison wants to know if Donnie lets people experiment on her at night. Is Donnie her watcher? For the record, I do think Donnie is her monitor but Alison has no idea and starts to drip hot glue all over Donnie’s chest. Interrogation via hot glue and craft scissors! I was cracking up during this scene- seriously this is one of my favorite episodes so far! I feel like I’m watching Martha Stewart do torture. Of course Donnie denies all of the monitoring stuff and acts like he doesn’t know what Alison is talking about but I don’t believe it.

Sarah shows up at Alison’s house just in time to help out with Donnie. Meanwhile Alison has to host the monthly potluck upstairs and is not prepared at all. She pops some pills and has a drink- she starts getting drunk and is beginning to lose it. Sarah does recon downstairs with Donnie and I love the speech she gives him about Alison being the rock of the family! Felix is on his way over to the party and I can’t wait for him to get there! Paul checks in with Olivier and lets it be known that Beth is slipping a bit. We’ll have to see what that turns into because I really do not trust Olivier. In fact, Paul just spiked the booze at Beth’s house with drugs and I still trust him more than Olivier!

Now, back to my favorite couple “Cophine” (Cosima & Delphine). We are at the Leekie talk about “Neo-lution”. Cosima and Delphine’s chemistry together is insane! Delphine is never more than a couple of inches from Cosima and I wonder if this is intentional direction or just how they roll? Creepy Leekie does his talk about neo-lution and we finally get some info about the science thoughts on this show. All I can see is Max Headroom but that’s probably too old for anyone to remember! Delphine is entirely too eager to get to know Leekie better and I feel like Leekie, Delphine, and Cosima are all pretending to be clueless when really they are not. It is a complicated dance! Creepy show and tell comments aside, we finally hear that the Dyad exists!

The interaction between Cosima and Delphine is so different after Cosima grabs two bottles of wine and they run out of the lecture hall. Laughing with background music, this is a fun scene where we learn Cosima is from San Francisco and Delphine likes to smoke after a jog. Cosima promises Delphine that some day she is going to get her “so baked”. Then there is some awkward cheek kissing and Delphine takes off.

Back at the suburban potluck to end all potlucks Sarah is trying to do damage control of Alison’s life. Idiot Vic shows up and demands to see Sarah. But guess what? Paul also shows up at Alison’s house. Meanwhile the real Alison is passed out on the couch, Donnie is still tied up in the craft room, and Ansley is snooping all over the place! INSANITY! It all converges in the garage where Paul gets Vic to talk and keeps him from running away by nailing his hand to the chair. Alison gets brought upstairs and Sarah and Paul convince Ansley that her and Paul are lovers that Donnie doesn’t know about. Later in the evening, Alison apologizes to Donnie for the breakdown and Donnie apologizes too. He gives this whole story about what was in the secret box and I just don’t believe him.

Sarah and Paul are back at Beth’s place and Paul is ready to give Sarah the poison whiskey but pauses long enough for Sarah to say the word “clones”. Sarah throws down there and tells Paul he’s monitoring genetic clones and he thankfully does not want to poison her anymore. They share a drink straight from the bottle instead. Everyone’s brain has got to be fried after that potluck of madness!

The last scene is Delphine doing a sexy strut down the hall to a hotel room. She’s all dressed up with nowhere to go. Oh wait, my mistake, she does have somewhere to go and it’s Leekie’s room! He sucks on her neck like a run-down vampire that needs a snack. Gross.

This episode was hilarious and really was all about character! I’m beginning to really like Paul and want to know where everything is going! This was one of the best episodes yet!

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