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Korra’s Korner – “Battle of Zaofu” *SPOILERS*

On this week’s episode of Korra, we finally see what we’ve been waiting for – Korra vs Kuvira!

The episode opens with Suyin with Wei and Wing infiltrating Kuvira’s base only to discover that Kuvira had planned for such a sneak attack all along, tricking them with Zhu Li disguised as Kuvira. Suyin and the other two are captured by Kuvira’s forces – Korra and the gang are discussing the best method of approaching Kuvira when Kuvira announces that she had captured Suyin. Kuvira states that if Zaofu’s representatives surrender to Kuvira no harm will come to the citizens of Zaofu. Korra agrees with Kuvira stating that she was defending herself. Korra decides to speak with Kuvira and Jinora at dawn – Meelo complains that he just wants to see some action.

Back on the train, Varrick is working on the spirit vine weapon project with Baatar Jr – he gets Bolin to be his assistant and the two work against their will on the spirit vine project.

Korra meets with Kuvira at dawn – Kuvira agrees to release Suyin and her family if she surrenders. Suyin states she will never bow down to Kuvira – Kuvira explains to the Avatar that she is “interfering with internal Earth Empire business” and she is here to equalize the resources that Zaofu is hoarding. Kuvira challenges Korra to a battle and Kuvira has the upper hand until Korra enters the Avatar state. Kuvira begins to lose until Korra sees her own face on Kuvira – she loses her concentration and exits the Avatar state. Kuvira easily defeats Korra – Jinora and Opal create a tornado vortex to hold off Kuvira and her troops until Ikki, Meelo and their bison, Pepper, come to save the day.

Varrick keeps telling Bolin to “do the thing” and he can’t quite grasp what Varrick is asking – Baatar Jr. interrupts and asks exactly what Varrick is doing so he can recreate the experiment by himself. Bolin attacks Varrick’s conscience on how he is helping Kuvira just build weapons of mass destruction – Varrick casually reminds Bolin that he has a handle on it, and turns to Baatar Jr. and explains that he has just build a bomb out of the spirit vines. Varrick manages to clear the train of people and uncouples the trains. The bomb blows up in the distance taking out the train but Bolin manages to save the day with his earthbending.

The Tenzin family saves Korra and have to leave Suyin and her family behind – Kuvira declares victory over Zaofu! Kuvira states all those who pledge loyalty to her will be treated fairly. Baatar Jr.’s father refuses to bow down to Kuvira and is taken away by the guards – the episode ends with Kuvira instructing Baatar Jr. to replicate the spirit vine project with Zhu Li. Kuvira sends the order to dismantle the domes and the credits roll.

This episode shows Kuvira’s lust for power – her desire to take over everything is overwhelming. She continues the spirit vine project even though she knows that it will only  lead to devastation. It’s like if the Fire Nation attacked all over again and this is the new 100 year war.

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