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Korra’s Korner – Episode “Reunion” *SPOILERS*

On this episode of Legend of Korra, we finally get to see the gang reunited and it almost feels like things are back to the usual shenanigans!

The episode opens up with Korra returning to Air Temple Island and being happily greeted by Tenzin and his family. However things are back to business and Tenzin immediately requests to hear what happened in Zaofu. Opal explains the situation with Korra jumping explaining that she wasn’t able to handle Kuvira. Tenzin explains that no one expected Korra to defeat Kuvira by herself, that it is a group effort on how to handle the situation. Bumi asks about Bolin, and the gang thinks that she is still with Kuvira but that’s not the case…

The scene transitions into Bolin carrying Varrick through the forest – they switch carrying each other only to be immediately captured by some Earth Kingdom fugitives in a tree net. The fugitives explain that Bolin and Varrick will be used so they can cross the border. After some fighting and a demonstration of lavabending, both sides agree to trust each other in order to cross the border. They come across the border gate and are able to bluff themselves in – however Bolin and Varrick are recognized as traitors to the Empire and a fight begins. They fight gallantly against several of Kuvira’s mech bots but are unable to stop them until Varrick hotwires an EMP device. Bolin aids the rest of fugitives with his lavabending. The fugitives manage to get a boat and Bolin and Varrick sail off with them to Republic City.

Back in Republic City, Asami and Korra finally see each other again after 3 years. Mako and Korra hug as well – only to be interrupted by Prince Wu. The gang discusses past events only to end up in an argument about Korra only keeping in touch with Asami and not Mako or Bolin. Asami explains that she is speaking to her father again and Korra disagrees with her – Asami states Korra has no right to make decisions since she has been away for 3 years. Prince Wu runs off to the bathroom only to be captured by Kuvira supporters. Mako checks on Prince Wu to only discover his absence, Korra investigates outside only to see that he has been kidnapped! Korra, Asami and Mako all jump in Asami’s car and they begin a chase – Korra manages to airbend on top of the stolen truck and stop it. Korra discovers that Wu isn’t inside the truck – they must have switched cars along the way. Korra uses the spirit vine technique that Toph and sees Prince Wu at the train station. Korra, Asami and Mako find the train that Wu is stashed on and find him in a suitcase. They manage to escape with the help of Korra and her airbending ball. The gang makes up after 3 years or not seeing each other and make their way to Asami’s home/palace. Mako introduces Prince Wu to his grandmother who loves royalty. After the grandmother faints from seeing the prince, Prince Wu proclaims “he’ll fit right in here.”

In the swamp, we see Baatar Jr. taking readings of the spirit vines and their energy output. He states that the spirit vines here have much more energy than the ones they had before. Kuvira immediately orders the harvest of the vines in the spirit vines and the episode ends as it pans out…

We know what’s going to happen in the next episode – Kuvira vs Toph. Kuvira is going to be surprised by the little old blind lady 🙂

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