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 An impromptu interview with Tweeterhead at SDCC 2015


While looking for their booth I stumbled right upon it when the gorgeous Batman figures caught my eye. Bay Area-based Tweeterhead has made a splash on the scene. With a variety of 1:6 Scale maquettes we caught up with them at this year’s 2015 San Diego Comic-Con International.

They have a Catwoman maquette that will go on preorder in December. The maquette will come with a Catwoman lithograph (yellow) from Olivia De Berardinis that will be free with purchase. Collectors can purchase (multiples if they are so inclined) different red lithographs (also from Olivia De Berardinis). The red lithograph comes in 3 different sizes.

From their Batman ’66 line they are working on Joker and down the road they have plans for Bookworm, Mr. Freeze,Mad Hatter, King Hut and of course Egghead (as portrayed by the great Vincent Price) all coming. They also have a Two Face which is coming soon as well as Penguin (releasing in August), Batwoman (October), the stunning Batgirl just went on preorder and will ship in January.

Their Batman (Adam West), Robin (Burt Ward) and Batgirl (Yvonne Craig) releases will each have a signed certificate from their respective actor/actress. Tweeterhead also shared with me the original concept art for the door behind Batgirl (see pic), as well as interesting tidbit, Yvonne Craig normally says the sculptors give her a big butt (ala Kim Kardashian) but when she saw how it looked for this release, she approved it right away. (Publisher Note: This will be the figure to watch – no pun intended)!

Tweeterhead has two new Elvira items coming soon: an Elvira maquette that will be released before Christmas and an Elvira Dagger (prop) that will be released just before Halloween.

The maquette will have a scroll (as seen in the pic), currently the scroll is blank, but Elvira herself will choose some names to add to it for a naughty list. Former Elvira figures include the now sold out “Your Heart Belongs To Me” and the“Mistress of the Dark” figures.

From The Munsters, Tweeterhead is bringing you an Eddie Munster maquette, there are 2 versions, one black and white, and one color. The production run on the b&w version is only 113 and they are only available directly from Tweeterhead (96 in stock when we last checked – will ship in the final quarter this year), the color version will be a Sideshow Collectibles exclusive (Sideshow will now be their exclusive distributor). There are plans for some Addams Family items to be released in the latter part of 2016, more details on those as they become available. Also – the Martian from Mars Attacks will be available in the first half of 2016.

Tweeterhead is also working on a Masters of the Universe line of busts for all of us who grew up the 80’s and loved the show. They are starting with a Skeletor and a Beast Man bust (both of which are on sale now), and both will ship in September. The next few releases are Teela, Evil Lyn and He-Man, all of which will come out towards the end of 2015.

One interesting thing I was told about the Teela bust was that fans didn’t like its original face so it was redone (that’s why it looks a bit darker in the pic). The next 2 busts are going to be of Merman and Man-at-Arms. I’m glad I found them because their products are absolutely stunning.

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