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Do you ‘Fear the Walking Dead’?



So, are you one of many people who have been wondering what happened in the rest of the country while Rick was in his coma on ‘The Walking Dead’? Are you constantly asking yourself how the “zombie” apocalypse started? Well if either one of those questions has been bugging you, AMC’s new series ‘Fear the Walking Dead’ is for you.

The series starts in LA before the outbreak starts, and gives us an early glimpse into what happened. The first episode premiered 8/23/15 in the US (to a cable series record viewership of 10.1 million which easily crushed the 6.9 million that ‘Better Call Saul’ debuted to in February 2015)

When the episode starts, the action starts in a former church where we meet one of the main stars (Nick, played by Frank Dillane) who it appears just woke up from a bender caused by some sort of drugs. He’s calling out for Gloria (played by Lexi Johnson), when he eventually finds her, she has already turned and is eating someone. It’s at that point we learn that things aren’t ok and as anyone who has watched ‘The Walking Dead’ can tell you, will only get worse.

I don’t want to go deep into any spoilers for those that haven’t watched it yet, but the episode was good in my opinion. It did a good job introducing us to some of the main cast, including Nick, his sister Alicia Clark played by Alycia Debnam-Carey, his mother (Madison Clark, played by Kim Dickens) and Madison’s fiance Travis Manawa played by Cliff Curtis.


Oh and we see a second walker towards the end of episode, but I won’t say who to keep this (mostly) spoiler free. Will I be watching it next week? Yes, yes I will be.


– Dan Berry

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