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How to Get Away with Murder S1 Ep 10 Recap: Hello Raskolnikov

Class is back in session with the Keating 5 reeling from the role they played in the cover up of their boss/professor’s husband’s murder.  Not too many flashbacks in this episode except for snippets after the murder happened.

At the beginning of the episode we see Annalise getting questioned by the police about Sam’s disappearance. There are snippets of her getting ready and flashbacks of the various points of when she found out stuff about Sam.  She claims that she found out about the affair the night of his disappearance.  When the police ask about the photo that was on Lila’s cell phone, she denies not recognizing Sam’s body, saying women are not obsessed with every detail of lover’s bodies.  That female detective looked at her like she was crazy.  Annalise does mention she spent a few hours at a “friend’s” house then went home.  The next flashback is Annalise coming home to find Sam’s body.  She looks genuinely devastated.   She sees Wes not too much later over the body apologizing.  Wes tells her what happened. She gives him instructions on how to get rid of Sam’s body. So everything that was Wes’s idea was really Annalise’s after all.  She made the call to Sam’s phone and to Bonnie after finding the body.  Annalise thinks that Sam killed Lila so he deserved to die. She wants to help Wes and the others get out of the mess they are in.  Annalise does reveal that the friend was Nate.

After questioning, Annalise is about to leave with Bonnie, who waited for her. Annalise tells Bonnie that the police plan to question to her, Frank, and the Keating 5 soon. They run into Nate as they are leaving.  She tells him she had to reveal that they were together and he seemed okay with it. He is under the impression that Sam ran away. The female detective observes Nate talking with her.

ALDRED ENOCH, AJA NAOMI KING, JACK FALAHEEAs the police are going in and out of Annalise’s office/house Micheala and Connor are freaking out thinking they are all going to get caught at any time.  Wes has to calm them down, but doesn’t seem to be doing a very good job of it.  Connor brings up the campus cop they saw the night of the murder.  He’s concerned that Annalise knows and wants to set them up.  Laurel brings up a good point when Connor theorizes if one of them confesses then the others would try to pin it on the squealer. “Mommy’s home” says Connor.  Annalise and Bonnie are back at the house.  Michaela tries to get out of exams but it’s not happening. Annalise asks to have Wes meet in her office.

She notices the other’s paranoia.  Wes thinks they should know about her involvement.  She thinks it’s a bad idea especially before they are questioned by the police.  Annalise admits that she is helping herself while assisting them because she would be the likely suspect if she had discovered the body. Rebecca especially should not know so Wes keep your trap shut.  Annalise is counting on the DNA test to show that Sam is the father and the laptop to show that Sam was at the sorority house the night of the murder.  This will force the prosecutor to drop the charges against Rebecca. Wes gives Sam’s ring to Annalise.  I’m wondering if that will come back to bite them later.   Wes and Annalise still have that weird maternal/sexual vibe. Bonnie interrupts to say they have a visitor.

The prosecutor stops by the house, talking trash that Annalise is desperate if she’s trying to pin the murder on her missing husband.  She still thinks she has a solid case against Rebecca.  The prosecutor leaves.  Annalise later apologizes to Rebecca about how she handled the revelations about Sam.  She promises to get the charges dropped.  Wes gets questioned by the police and he reveals his relationship with Rebecca.  Back at the apartment Rebecca is suspicious about Annalise knowing about the murder.  She is also wondering why Wes is acting so calm when he should be freaking out. Wes reassures her that Annalise doesn’t know. He explains that he has to keep a cool head so he doesn’t look suspicious.

At Annalise’s house she tells everyone that they are going to prove that Sam killed Lila before Rebecca’s trail. First they get motive.  Laurel and Frank take hair samples so the police can test the DNA to see if Sam was the father of Lila’s baby. Laurel makes it clear that she is done with Frank after she thanks him for helping her with the trophy.  Frank wasn’t appreciative that she didn’t thank him initially and her hypocrisy of not knowing about his girlfriend.  Connor gets Oliver to help him find out about where Sam drove the night of the murder.  While Oliver is doing his thing hacking, Connor casually asks about the guy he met the other day.  Oliver says that he broke up with him. He is still concerned about Connor not getting help since he is busy trying to help his boss.  Unfortunately they are not able to find anything more about Sam’s driving activities.  Wes suggests that they try to use Sam’s laptop since the cell phone activity, including location GPS, will be on there.  Annalise asks Bonnie to go to the police station to retrieve the laptop.  She reluctantly takes Asher with her.  The policeman informs Bonnie that the prosecutor is holding onto the computer despite Sam not being a suspect in the murder investigation.

At Wes’s apartment the co-conspirators  Michaela, Connor, Wes, Laurel, and Rebecca get word from Asher about the laptop.  Laurel is staying positive about there being something on it that would hinder the case against Rebecca.  Connor and Michaela continue to be negative about being caught.  Connor even calls Michaela Ms. Raskolnikov, a character in the novel “Crime and Punishment” that confessed after being consumed with guilt.  Wes tries to get them to concentrate on the case like it was any other.  Rebecca, who felt slighted, tells them that Lila went to the clinic that she went to about birth control.  She may have went there to get an abortion.  It may prove that Sam wanted her to have one.

With this tidbit of information, Annalise tries to get the judge to let them investigate the clinic within HIPAA laws to prove that Lila went there.  The judge initially turns her down.  Afterwards, Annalise meets with Nate. He tells her about the information he provided to the police about their affair.  Nate is naturally suspicious that she came to him around the time Sam disappeared.  She convinces him that she needed him considering what Sam admitted about Lila.  Annalise and Nate share a kiss.

CHARLIE WEBER, KARLA SOUZALaurel is questioned by the police next. She implied that Sam looked at her sexually.  She appeared nervous to the police worried that Annalise would find out.  She wonders to Frank if Sam really ran away and how true is Annalise’s story.  Frank is starting to get suspicious that she knows something. Great job Laurel, now you have Frank wondering what’s really going on.

Connor approaches Michaela about confessing.  He thinks they would have a good defense or at least a good deal if they go done this road since they didn’t actually murder Sam.  Wes asks them if everything i so okay and Michaela turns the conversation to the case. Bonnie offers an olive branch to Annalise if she wants it.  Michaela found a way for them to access the clinic.  Annalise approaches the judge again to access the security footage of the waiting room.  The judge allows it but they are only able to view the video at the courthouse.

LIZA WEIL, MATT MCGORRYAnnalise is leaving the judges office when Frank tells her the DNA results are in. Sam is the father! Frank is surprised that Annalise is happy with this news.  He wants to know what is going on.  Annalise decides to tell him enough information but Bonnie can’t know.  We do not know what exactly what Annalise told Frank yet.  Asher and Bonnie are then questioned by the police.  Asher does mention seeing Connor’s car at the house and Bonnie’s sleepover.  She is not happy to hear he told the police about their one night stand. Bonnie informs Asher that it was a one-time thing.  Laurel disrupts the conversation by telling Bonnie she found something in the security footage.  It was Sam with Lila in the waiting room. It appears as though they were arguing.  The receptionist is questioned on the stand indicating Sam looked upset about Lila not wanting to go through with the abortion.  Annalise brings up that the prosecutor is holding Sam’s computer for fear it would hurt their case. The judge sides with Annalise and appoints a forensic expert to examine the cell phone data from the laptop.  The expert will then testify their findings.

Michaela is questioned next by the police. She recovers quickly with the alibi when the police mention Connor’s car being parked at Annalise’s house. She tells the police that they parked there and walked to the bonfire since it would be harder finding a place to park closer to campus.  After questioning Michaela goes to the courthouse and tells Connor that she thinks the police know.  Connor and Michaela plan to confess but they need Laurel’s help.  When Connor asks Michaela about Aiden she cryptically responds that she can reinvent herself if necessary.  What does that mean exactly Michaela?

KARLA SOUZA, JACK FALAHEE, AJA NAOMI KINGLaurel gets confronted by Frank calling her a hypocrite. When she doesn’t know what he is referring to he says that the way she’s lying now she may be able to get away with it.  What exactly does he mean? Laurel is panicking at this point and heads into the courtroom to try to talk to Wes but is intercepted by Connor and Michaela asking to talk to her or they will rat her out.  Court is in session before further talk is made.  The forensic expert was able to prove that Sam based on his GPS that night was at Lila’s sorority house the night of the murder. You could tell Annalise was relieved to hear that news. She was able to convince the prosecutor to drop the charges against Rebecca!

Feeling very emotional and practically accusing your dead husband of murder, Annalise goes into the bathroom to calm herself down.  She overhears o other women talk about her.  She walks out with her head held high and just gives them the evil eye while she washes her hands.  The expressions on these women faces was priceless. Connor and Michaela catch up with Laurel to try to convince her to go to the police station with them tonight to confess. Laurel reluctantly agrees.

That night when they arrive at the police station Michaela gets a notice that her wedding dress is ready to be fitted. Connor tries to encourage her by saying that she may find something better if Aiden is not supportive. All three get out of the car. Just when they are about to walk in, they see Annalise and Wes walking towards them. Laurel told Wes, who told Annalise.  She convinces them not to turn themselves in. She doesn’t blame them for what happened.  If she did she would’ve gone to the police that night.

The following day, the exam is to figure out the defense of a case similar to what the Keating 5 are experiencing right now.  While the exam is being described, we also get a brief glimpse of Michaela in her wedding dress. She looks beautiful.  Rebecca wants to celebrate her freedom and Wes finishing exams by starting that bottle Wes bought in the first episode. Laurel runs into her legal aid boyfriend wanting to make up.  It is Connor’s turn with the police.  He expresses sympathy for Annalise and hopes Sam comes back to face what he’s done.  Annalise puts Sam’s wedding ring in a drawer.  She gets a call from Connor who just finished up with the detectives.  Sam’s sister Hannah is in town, played by Marcia Gay Harden.  She is already stating that there is no way her brother could be a murderer.

Looks like next week will be a battle between Anna Keating and Annalise! What did you think of this week’s episode? Do you think the campus cop will be brought up again? Will Sam’s sister cause serious damage in the murder cover up? Do you think we will find out who really killed Lila by the end of the season? Sound off below in the comments!

Photos courtesy of ABC/Mitch Haaseth

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