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Comikaze 2015 Jet Set Nerds Panel

One of the Saturday panel’s at Comikaze I attended was Jet Set Nerds. These group of traveling girls talk about visiting nerdy destinations all over the world and give out helpful travel tips. The full panel is below, but please note there is adult language so viewer discretion is advised (it’s really not that bad at all). Anastasia Washington is the first to introduce herself, the recording was slightly delayed so we miss her saying her name.

Panel Info:

Anastasia Washington (Jet Set Nerds, theStream.tv), Stephanie Pressman (Geek 360, Fashionably Nerdy / Geek Chic TV), Becky Sanders (Jet Set Nerds), Elle (Your Friend Elle), ChubbyBunny Michelle (DefectiveGeeks, Geek & Sundry), Kristen Nedopak (The Geekie Awards, Late to the Game), and Curious Joi ( Curiousjoi Icon) help you Jet Set to Nerd Mecca with epic tales and tips on how to become a Jet Set Nerd.
Date and time:
Saturday, October 31, 2015 – 12:00pm
Panel Length:
50 Minutes
Genre / Topic:
Yael Tygiel * CuriousJoi was a last minute substitute Moderator
Stephanie Pressman, Becky Sanders, CuriousJoi, Your Friend Elle, Jennifer Krechtmer, ChubbyBunny Michelle, Anastasia Washington, Kristen Nedopak
Jet Set Nerds Website

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