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Marketing and Promoting Your Indie Film and Web Series

The name of this panel can be a bit deceiving. While they did mention marketing a film or web series the majority of the advice could be used to market blogs, websites, YouTube content and just about anything. There is some very good information in this panel for anyone that has a brand they are trying to market. The full panel is below, adult language so parental discretion is advised. The recording is slightly delayed so Tony Kim (the moderator has already introduced himself when the recording starts).

Marketing and Promoting Your Indie Film and Web Series

Hosted by Tony Kim (@Crazy4ComicCon) with Panelists Chris Gore and Holly K Payne, the panel teaches young filmmakers the best ways to promote and market their film and/or webseries using social media for maximum engagement and profits. As a companion panel to the GeekFest Film Festival screenings, this panel teaches you how to use social media effectively to promote for film festivals, distribution and get noticed online.
Date and time:
Saturday, October 31, 2015 – 3:00pm
Panel Length: 50 Minutes
Room: 506
Genre / Topic: Film
Moderator: Tony Kim
Participants: Chris Gore, Holly K Payne * (Holly Payne did not make the panel David Edmundson and Randy Van Dyke joined Chris Gore)
Panel Type: Educational
Non Stop to Comic Con Trailer
Chris Gore YouTube Channel
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