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Chrissy’s Corner: ‘Sleepy Hollow’ “One Life” Sets Tone for Season 3B

It’s safe to say that the Sleepyhead fandom has been going through Sleepy Hollow withdrawals in spades!  The 12-week hiatus has been fraught with speculation, countless debates across SH One11social media about Ichabod and Abbie- will they or won’t they get together this season?  Where is Abbie? Will Abbie be absent for long and is Sophie taking her place?  How will Jenny cope knowing her sister sacrificed herself for her? The list goes on and on…

With so much unrest and fears that Abbie will yet again be sidelined, unfortunately some “bloggers” shamefully have only fueled the fires with ridiculous and unfounded rumors crafted to only gain more clicks on their site. Some claim Abbie is being replaced by Sophie, Nicole Beharie won’t be in season four- I’m here to say none of it is true!  Hardcore fans scoff at the lies and loyally, unwavered, trudge on in support of the unqiue historical thriller.

Penned by Albert Kim and directed by Kate Dennis, “One Life” delivers on many levels and is definitely worth the wait!

Where we left off…

SH Abbie NovusAfter successfully extracting the Eye from Jenny (Lyndie Greenwood) to Ichabod’s (Tom Mison)  horror, Abbie (Nicole Beharie) makes the ultimate sacrfice and enters what we believe is the Underworld! A few seconds after entering the portal a huge explosion rocks Pandora’s lair, effectively plunging our hero into disbelief…Abbie is gone!

“One Life” begins a month after the devastating loss and those of us who were hoping to see Ichabod’s anguish at losing Abbie will not be disappointed. The opening sequence definitely depicts Ichabod’s recklessness, as foreshadowed by Betsy Ross (Nikki Reed) in “I Witness”, “Some day some woman will make you forget all those manners and cause you to do something impulsive.” Ichabod’s desperation indeed causes him to throw caution to the wind as he’s willing to do anything, no matter the risk, to get to Abbie. Unfortunately there will be dire consequences as a result.SH One7

While Ichabod is clearly in frantic mode, Danny (Lance Gross) is baffled by Abbie’s disappearance and has Sophie (Jessica Camacho) trying to dig up leads as to what happened to her. Needless to say after an encounter with Ichabod, Sophie is pulled into the world of the supernatural and we will learn a little more about her backstory.

One of the most heartbreaking moments is when Jenny breaks down.  After Abbie’s disappearance she’s in business mode, hell bent on finding her sister.  She and Joe (Zach Appelman) track down an artifact that could lead to Pandora and The Hidden One, ultimately leading to Abbie. She appears to have pulled away from him, which he is a little perplexed by, though understandable given the circumstances. We learn just how much Jenny is still grappling with the guilt that Abbie sacrificed herself, refusing to face the fact her sister may be gone for good. Like Abbie, Jenny is haSH One9ving a tough time talking about her feelings, however does confide to Joe in a pivotal moment.

Etu Illu aka “The Hidden One” (Peter Mensah) is despondent after failing to gain the full power of the Eye and blames Pandora for it. Always ready with a plan, she produces a piece of the Pithos found in the wreckage and sets her diabolical plan in motion to give her boyfriend the sustenance he’ll need to gain his full power.  What is about to converge on ‘The Hollow’ as a result, is of biblical proportions!

It’s no secret that the Sleepyhead fandom has been less than inviting when it comes to Betsy Ross.  As always the episode anchors Ichabod’s presence by his adventures working with her in George Washington’s spy ring.  This flashback depicts Betsy as pretty ruthless, definitely not the benign flag woman we’ve all been led to believe she was.  I think this will give the audience another peek into her motivations. Her mindset is on the bigger picture, while always willing to do what it takes to save a comrade, Ichabod feels they should all have each other’s backs.  I’m anxious to see how Ichabod extricates himself from working with Betsy.

A couple of months ago, the Sleepy Hollow Facebook page asked fans do they want a slow-burn or should Ichabod and Abbie get together quicker.  Overwhelmingly the majority of the comments were GIVE US ICHABBIE!

After watching “One Life”, it is my opinion that we will finally get some much needed progress in that direction. I think after this ordeal, Ichabod will not waste any time upon Abbie’s return. There are several key moments where those around him can clearly see how he feels and I think it’s his love for Abbie that is keeping him going, willing to move heaven, earth and any other SH Blood2dimension to get to her.  He, Jenny and Joe refuse to give up their search.  The fear in their eyes at the mere thought that Abbie would never be rescued is too much for any of them to face. At one point Joe asks Jenny how they can be so sure they’ll find Abbie?  She answers, “Because there’s no alternative”.  Exactly! One thing is certain- there is a huge void in all their lives without Abbie. That is why this show cannot work with just Ichabod or just Abbie- it’s Ichabod and Abbie together that makes the magic of it. The chemistry between Tom and Niicole is undeniable and although the network has been a little lax in promotion this season, they are well aware what they have in Mison and Beharie.  Hang in there shippers!

Of course it’s not Sleepy Hollow without the creep factor! This episode has obligatory scare factor which may make you want to sleep with the lights on! One thing to remember…mirrors are windows to the supernatural.

The episode delivers plenty of angst, a few scares and of course, twistory! Overall it’s a very emotional installment for all involved and we see how Team Witness is struggling. It is heartbreaking to see Ichabod, Jenny and Joe trying to cope and I have to say I teared up a couple of times. I can confirm we do see Abbie, albeit briefly. “One Life” is all about Abbie- getting to her, dealing with her absence as they hold out hope she can be found and pulled back to Sleepy Hollow.

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