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The 100: Wanheda Pt. 2 aka Blondes Have More Fun

Wanheda Pt. 2 picks up just a few hours after Part 1 (which you can read my recap of here) left off.  Bellamy and his team, now tired of sitting and waiting to be ambushed, decide to make a run for it. Except…whoops…


The rest of the team is forced out of the rover by a group of shrouded people. Must be Grounders! (Spoiler alert: Nope.) Monty: “Mom?”

Back in Jaha land (aka wherever Thelonious is at any given time), Jaha and A.L.I.E. look at the awesome splendor that is the City of Light and Jaha humbly ponders his role in life.


They’re heading west around the dead zone; so no minefield this time, which is always a plus in my book.

Over to Team Bellamy now, the masked people start to reveal themselves, and indeed, the first one is Monty’s mom! Yay! In fact, the group of people who attacked them were all from the Ark. More survivors! Monty looks around for his dad, but mom’s got bad news for him. Dad didn’t make it. *frowny face* Meanwhile their leader Pike explains the rest of Farm station is located in the mountain but all of them share the same hardline stance on Grounders.



Kane introduces Indra as a trusted ally but Pike…well, let’s just say, I’m not comfortable with the way he’s looking at Indra right then. But they all decide that with Clarke somewhere nearby, they need to go after her because she’s in real trouble if she’s in Azgeda territory.

Meanwhile Clarke is being dragged by a rope wrapped around her hands by Anya. Whoops, I mean Roan. (What is it with Grounders lugging Clarke around this way? Seriously.) Clarke plays possum, and Roan falls for it(!) giving her a chance to strike. Unfortunately she stops too soon and Roan is able to recover her and take her down again.


Thanks to the scarring on Roan’s temple, Clarke realizes he’s Ice Nation. Uh oh.

Back to the outskirts of Arkadia, Lincoln lovingly rouses Octavia awake but their little cuddle session is interrupted by a seriously wounded Nyko riding up asking for Abby’s help. Before he loses consciousness he’s able to inform Lincoln and Octavia of who attacked him: Azgeda. I’m sensing a theme here, folks.


Abby’s working on Jasper’s new injury (the knife cut on his throat from the last episode) and she tries to reach him, reminding him that Finn couldn’t let go of his own pain and it broke him. Jasper helpfully reminds Abby that Clarke killed Finn too. Talk about a conversation ender! Let’s face it…Jasper doesn’t want to get better right now.

Octavia rushes in with Nyko and all hands are on deck to save him; he needs a transfusion and fast. Unfortunately Nyko has a rare blood type, RH null, which means he can only receive blood from someone else with that type. The good news is they can save him. The bad news, they have to go to Mount Weather to do it, something that could put the cease fire with the Grounders in jeopardy. So Abby asks Lincoln to advise her on what to do, and Lincoln can’t help but urge they take the risk to save his friend. Look, I don’t blame him. Life is full of dangers and there’s serious risk involved but one thing was for certain; do nothing and Nyko dies.

Meanwhile, back at Niylah’s, our favorite trader is in a bit of a pickle. It seems Roan’s “colleague” isn’t too pleased that Roan ditched him and came back for Clarke and is taking his frustration out on her.


Thankfully a bullet from Bellamy stops him in his tracks before he does her permanent harm. When she realizes they’re Skaikru, she tells them the truth, that Clarke was there last night but gone this morning. Niylah also confides that the bounty hunter, now dead on the floor, had stated Clarke was taken by the Ice Nation. Monty informs them that he’s found fresh tracks but that they’re not accessible via rover because there are too many trees.

Roan warns Clarke to stay quiet to hide from Ice Nation scouts. Seems odd for an Ice Nation scout to do, huh? It’s almost like he has his own agenda or something. Clarke of course, disregards his warning and Roan is forced into a confrontation.


Clarke almost escapes. Almost. But in the aftermath of the fight, she’s able to nab a dagger from the body of one of the fallen bounty hunters and jabs Roan in the side. Sadly, it isn’t enough to stop him and she’s re-captured in short order.


Over at Mount Weather, a place I’d rather never see again, Abby and team are desperate to get to work to save Nyko. Jasper, however, isn’t all that thrilled to be there for some reason. “Don’t do anything stupid,” Octavia urges him. Yeah, okay. I’m sure that’ll be enough to keep him in check.

Back to the Bellamy’s squad, they’re fresh on the trail looking for Clarke when they hear the beat of war drums. While rushing to respond, Bell notices two people off in the distance. It’s Clarke! Unfortunately there’s no way to get to her before the war party reaches them so Bell is forced to put off his rescue for now. Thankfully they find a cave nearby to hide from the warriors and the crisis is averted. Indra can’t go with them though because she must warn Heda that Azgeda are on the move. She urges Kane to save Clarke or she’ll be dead and everyone will be at war.

When we see John and Emori again, Otan is ripe for the picking for Jaha’s City of Light propaganda. Emori shares with John how she’s involved in all this, to find and steal technology and return it to the island. When she notes Jaha and her brother are far off in the distance, she decides now is the time to strike the mutant who’s mediating nearby. She wants the odd shaped case sitting next to him, noting she has other buyers. But the theft doesn’t go quite as planned when the mutant wakes up and almost strangles her to death.


John intervenes, giving Emori a chance to slash the mutant in the throat, killing him and both escape with the goods. Or dooo theeeey?

Meanwhile, Clarke looks on as Roan treats the knife wound she wishes had gone just a smidgen deeper.



Even as she’s in his custody, she doesn’t fear him because she knows he needs her alive. That’s a good thing because now she’s clearheaded enough to think things through, such as who are you and why are you hiding from your people? Interestingly, Roan deflects at first but Clarke keeps up the attack until finally he reveals that unlike Clarke who left her people by choice, Roan was banished. The mountain slayer, Clarke, is his ticket home.

Back in the cave, Bell is getting antsy. Clarke’s getting further away he’s stuck there waiting for the army to pass them by. Nearby, Monty asks what happened to his dad. It’s not a pretty story. The Farm Station landed in the snow, which helped absorb the impact. The Arkers were enamored with the beauty of the snow and the kids of course wanted to play in it. Grounders, most likely Azgeda given the lay of the land, killed 15 kids before Monty’s dad saved four at the cost of his own life before he could save the fifth.

Kane tries to make the important distinction of the Ice Nation versus the rest of the Grounders and Pike would have none of it. This is why he scares me.

Meanwhile Emori is wiping the mutant’s blood off her face and hands at the river side while John tries to crack open the case. They’ll leave when Otan gets there, she decides. She thanks John for saving her life by giving him a kiss on the cheek and you can tell he’s intrigued by her. That’s a given of course because she’s the only reason he’s there in the first place.

They get the case open and it’s a power source with the symbol for infinity on it, just like what’s on the disk Jaha gave him. Murphy realizes quickly, they brought A.L.I.E. with them. But before he can elaborate, Otan shows up, none too happy his sister opened the case. John Murphy is running on all cylinders this day because he figures out fast that Otan has eaten his infinity disk and has now switched over to the Dark Side.


When Jaha shows up, John thinks fast an threatens to tank in the water A.L.I.E. unless Emori is let go. The trade is made and John and Emori take off with the boat, but not before tossing A.L.I.E. into the water after all. Heh. Sadly, A.L.I.E. survives and counsels Jaha and Otan, now standing in the City of Light, not to bother with John anymore. And oh, by the way, here’s your dead mutant, because no one’s dead in the City of Light. Gosh that place sounds perfect. I’m sure there’s nothing bad about it at all. No sire.

Back in the Mountain, Nyko wakes up. Lincoln’s pleased but worries about them hanging around too long because the Grounders will never approve. Nyko disagrees. They can help their people see that places aren’t evil, he believes. Though hesitant, Abby eventually agrees the benefits of utilizing the equipment at Mount Weather outweigh the risks of being there.


Okay so bear with me for this little sidebar. I just wanna shake these people sometimes. I mean sure, I agree with Nyko that places aren’t evil and I agree with Jackson that there’s a lot of good that can be done for both peoples. But wouldn’t you want to first broker an arrangement with the Grounders before risking it all? Because otherwise the Grounders would see it as a breach of the cease fire and, well, all bets would be off. Am I wrong on this??

Anyway, elsewhere in compound, Jasper is losing it and taking his frustrations out on what would have been priceless art pieces at one time in history until he finally finds what he’s looking for: Maya’s favorite painting. Octavia finds him, puts her arm around him and just shows him the love and support he needs. Could this be the beginning of him finally starting to heal? That’s up to him, but thank goodness for the gentle heart of one of the bravest warriors on tv: Octavia Blake.


Back in the cave, Monty recounts what happened in the Mountain. They did what they had to survive, but the cost still weighs on them all. Pike thinks they should just move in and Kane is trying to explain the mechanics of the truce that’s in place. Meanwhile notices someone’s missing. Bellamy’s taken the clothing off one of the dead Azgeda bounty hunters Roan killed earlier and took off.

Yes it’s true, our beloved Bellamy does not do idle well. Now clad as a warrior, he easily blends in with the Ice Nation hoard until such time as he’s able to peel off and begin his search for Clarke. A fresh bloody handprint at the entrance to a cavern clues him in that he’s close. And sure enough, Bellamy and Clarke are reunited for 2.3 seconds when Roan ambushes him.


Clarke pleads for his life and for some reason, Roan shows him mercy by only seriously wounding his leg and threatening him not to follow them. When Monty and gang catch up with him, Roan and Clarke are long gone. Pike acknowledges with the bounty hunter on to them they’d be uncatchable. Bellamy still doesn’t want to stop and fights on until Monty makes him see reason. With his leg the way it is, he has no choice but agree to end the rescue for now. It was a great friendship moment between Monty and Bellamy that shows how close they’ve grown.

Meanwhile, Clarke arrives at her destination. And no, it’s not the Ice Nation capital after all. When her hood is removed, she sees none other than the Heda herself and Indra right beside her (she made great time getting back to Lexa, didn’t she?) Roan is ready for his reward for obtaining Clarke as he was promised, and that is that his banishment would be lifted. But Heda is not in a warm, fuzzy mood this day since the Ice Queen is breaking ranks and banging the drums of war; and so Prince Roan (PRINCE????) of the Ice Nation is instead taken into custody.

Lexa empties the room so she can have a private one-on-one reunion with Clarke and calmly bring her up to speed: I’m sorry I had to bring you like this, war is brewing, I need you…but it’s like all Clarke hears is a complete jumble of nonsense and all she sees is red until she just absolutely explodes with rage, spitting in Lexa’s face and threatening to kill her as she’s being dragged out of the throne room, kicking and screaming.



I’m guessing when Lexa mentally rehearsed how things would go when she saw Clarke again, things ran a little smoother than how it actually played out. But maybe that’s just me.

As the camera pulls away we find Lexa standing on the top floor of a very tall building of a massive city. Welcome to Polis!

As excited as I was about how amazing Wanheda Pt. 1 was, Pt. 2 was even better. What will the third episode bring? Will it continue to maintain this level of awesomeness? Only time will tell.

What do you think? Let me know! Contact me on Twitter @theuberfan.

Until next time, Grounders!

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