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San Diego Comic-Con 2016 History Channel Vikings Viper Den

While at San Diego Comic-Con, I was given the opportunity to experience a viper’s den which was considered to be the most brutal and sinister form of being killed during the time of the Viking’s. The experience consisted of being put in a room that had many different types of snakes behind thick glass, and being able to see them up close. The room also had video of them underneath your feet. It was a great little experience being able to get that close to all different types of snakes, both venomous and non. I’ve included some pictures (courtesy of History) of the experience, which was at the History booth (#4215) at San Diego Comic-Con 2016.


RAW_2597 RAW_2617 RAW_2625 RAW_2627 RAW_2712 RAW_2716 RAW_2721 RAW_2778 RAW_2798 RAW_2832 RAW_2838 RAW_2840 RAW_2846 RAW_2854 RAW_2866 RAW_2870 RAW_2881 RAW_2886 RAW_2892 RAW_2915

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