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The Carmilla Movie Is Your Halloween Pregame

The Carmilla Movie Is Your Halloween Pregame

Wear your garlic necklace, ready your holy water, and pull that wooden stake out of storage, the Carmilla Movie drops on Thursday and is treating us all to a little pre-Halloween vampire bloodlust!  The web series based on Sheridan Le Fanu’s gothic vampire novella, Carmilla, is headed to our streaming devices and Canadian theaters for a full-length movie this week!  I’m restraining myself from writing in all caps with a ridiculous amount of exclamation marks because I am so EXCITED!!!!!!!

Carmilla began as a web series about a university student named Laura attempting to solve the mystery of missing students.  She discovers the monstrous history of the university and her new vampiric roommate while navigating the perils of student life.  After three seasons of vampires, evil fish gods, a world-ending apocalypse, and plenty of relationship drama, Laura and her group of friends are ready to take on the challenge of life after university- which is terrifying enough by itself.  You can watch seasons one through three on the KindaTv Youtube channel (which I highly recommend binge watching before Thursday).


The Carmilla Movie offers us less angst than the web series and more creepy mystery as recently human Carmilla begins to go back to her vampiric ways.  Besides the mystery, hauntings, and smart dialog the movie includes queer and non-binary characters and actors.  It is always refreshing to see yourself reflected in the media you consume and there are not many options for an audience wanting to see LGBT and non-binary characters, especially for people of color.  The Carmilla Movie has continued to provide this by adding more diverse actors and characters while attempting to stay away from some of the harmful plot tropes LGBT characters typically fall into.

If you are looking for something new and interesting to supplement the usual Halloween horror movies, catch The Carmilla Movie in Cineplex theaters in Canada, or hop online and view it on Fullscreen or  VHX from anywhere.  Seriously, take a break from watching Hocus Pocus for the millionth time and check out a fresh vampire story.   Then do what all of the other Carmilla fandom Creampuffs do, go online and tweet, favorite, and reblog all of The Carmilla Movie goodness! I’m not joking, please @ me some Carmilla content!  Who knows, it may even inspire a few last minute Halloween costume changes!


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