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Killjoys S04E01: The Warrior and The Thief

Who knows how much time has passed since Aneela and Yalena entered the green in order to confront and stop the Lady from wreaking havoc. But it’s long enough for Dutch to be injured. Badly. But Khylen has a solution to everything…a story!

And not just any story.

Welcome to Westerley

Six months after Yalena and Johnny first met, they were on the ropes. Yalena’s grand scheme to get them some money ended up putting them in the crosshairs of both the Company and the RAC. Hawking contraband equals smuggling if you’re not in their good graces. If only they had known.

What did you expect?

Hello Again

Not only do we see Hills again, we also see where Yalena met Big Joe (remember him from Season 1?), where she ended up shooting him just a tiny bit.

take kindly

Lights Out

While in custody, their seized contraband causes problems and they realize an EMP device was used to help cover whatever was stolen from the Company. Thanks to her vast experience, Yalena narrows it down to tools necessary for an assassination. Poison probably.

check manifest first

Royally Screwed

Thanks to Johnny’s quick tech work, they track the device and the intended use for the poison to a retreat on Qresh. Yalena tries to ditch him and go it alone, but smooth talking Johnny got Lucy to let him leave and provide Yale with a necessary assist.

adorable and indispensable

Moving Target

Yalena narrows down who she thinks is the target while Johnny sorts out where the assassin is. Unfortunately, she’s right there with Johnny who ends up getting dosed with poison.


Hard Choices

Yalena is about to torture the shiz out of the would be killer for a cure, but Johnny pulls her away from the proverbial cliff. The assassin is legitimately warmed by the moment and gives up the goods.


New Beginnings

Big Joe’s impressed and offers Yalena a new path as a Killjoy. Johnny decides they should give it a go.

what could go wrong

Fallen Warrior

With the story in her mind, Khylen sends her back out. She falls and is slowly overtaken by the green.

better in my head

Favorite Moments:

  • Yalena versus the assassin
  • Johnny saving her many, many times
  • Yalena’s strategic seduction hitting a snag
  • Lucy not totally warming up to her would-be thief
  • Turin revealing Yalena’s “Red 17” status
  • Duchess

Lingering Questions:

  • How long have Yalena and Aneela been in the green?
  • How did Yalena get injured in the first place?
  • What role will our resident thief play in saving Dutch yet again?
  • What was going on at the end of the episode with Dutch?

Final Thoughts:

I love Dutch and Johnny’s friendship. Khlyen distilled it to that of a warrior and a thief but in truth, they were always and are currently so much more. He’s her True North, as Khlyen emphasized. He saved her just as much as she saved him.

It was fun seeing a time when Lucy still only saw Johnny as a thief. I wonder what happened after the events of this episode that got Lucy to warm up to him. Or was this the real start of the great thaw?

I was greatly surprised I could enjoy an episode without D’avin; but I really, really did. Maybe it was because it added dimension to what we already knew. Or maybe it was because we got to see old friends and acquaintances once more. Too bad the timing of this negated the possibility of seeing Pawter again; for this episode at least.

I’m very excited to see how and why Khlyen’s story from the past fits in to what is yet to come.

I give “The Warrior Princess Bride” 4.75 Weird Symbols That Totally Represent Something Important out of a possible 5.

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