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Wynonna Earp S03E01: Fangless and Glitter-Free

It’s been a scant 4 months since little Alice Michelle was born and whisked away from Purgatory and our gang is busy hunting Revenants (as always) over at Pussy Willows. But more importantly, they’re also hunting clues to track down Bulshar. And by “hunting” I mean Wynonna’s getting rip-roaring drunk and is riding a mechanical bull while Waverly and Nicole flirt over a Dragunov from their sniper nest across the street. (But I’m not judging.)

The Revenants provide exactly zero help on the Bulshar front before Wynonna sends them on a one way trip via Peacemaker but it sure is fun to see our team back in action again!

Spar Me a Minute

Neither Wynonna nor Doc are dealing well with their daughter having been whisked away at the end of Season 2 but he’s doing worse than she is. He’s closed off and sullen and only responding to Wynonna when they’re training.

hug it out

Murder by the Buttload

An uncommon call to Nicole led our crew back to good ol’ Pussy Willows, where someone or many someones had strewn a lot of bodies all over the floor in a creepy pattern. Someone’s trying to send a message, no?

send me a text next time

Mamma Mia

A clue at the Pussy Willows crime scene led Wynonna back to see her mom, who has been institutionalized since before Wynonna accidentally killed Ward. She needs answers about Bulshar but her mom is…well, not interested in helping out. At all.

mountain side view

Doc, Stock and Barrel

Doc’s been busy….being kidnapped by an old acquaintance, who also happens to be a vampire. Because of course vampires would make their way to the Ghost River Triangle for the big show. It’s pretty clear that things didn’t go well for them the first time around.


High Stakes

Meanwhile all of Purgatory has been glamored by other vampires in town to see Bulshar do his worst. Most of our crew is whammied, save for Doc, Wynonna and of course, our sexy little dragon Xavier, who’s able to free Wynonna from the coffin she was being held in, natch, so they could go on a wild staking spree.

sorry vamps

Cult of Personality

De-whammified Nicole takes another look at the crime spree and realizes she might have survived the Cult of Bulshar many moons ago.

hallmark moment

Crash Course

Wynonna, at Dolls’ urging (and of course her conscience), decides it’s high time to tell Waverly the truth about their mom, that she’s known all along where she’s been. But they barely get past the prison pass reveal when everything goes topsy-turvy. Who-knows-how-long later, someone is dragging a bloody and terrified and screaming Waverly away from the crashed truck. And her sister.

chosen one

Favorite Moments:

  • Wynonna emerging from the coffin
  • Doc getting his mojo back
  • Dolls excited about killing vampires
  • WayHaught on the rooftop

Lingering Questions:

  • What did Bulshar give the surviving vampire?
  • What did Nicole remember or sense to make her think she was a survivor of the Cult of Bulshar?
  • Rosita only got a passing mention. Is she still around somewhere?
  • What was up with the vampire’s teeth?
  • What was up with Jeremy’s mustache??
  • Since when is Michelle not on the side of a mountain with a glorious view?
  • What is Dolls’ middle name?

Final Thoughts:

I’m very excited that we’re going to delve into more of Nicole’s story though the fact that it ties into the series primary arc is both surprising and satisfying. It just adds to the sense that her place in Waverly’s life was truly meant to be.

It was so good seeing our team again. They generally seem to be doing well, with the exception of Doc and Wynonna, both of whom tend to revert to very unhealthy coping mechanisms.

Thankfully Doc seemed to be more like his old self by the end of the episode so I’ll take that as a good sign. Wynonna however, well…it’s too soon to tell how she’s really doing. Especially now that she’s apparently in real, serious truck crashing trouble.

I give “Blood Red and Going Down” 4.75 Peacemakers out of a possible 5.

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