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NFL Draft, The Cardinals, and MLB

So, it appears that the NFL draft will take place on April 23-25 (Thursday through Saturday) which is 3 weeks away. This year’s NFL draft will be taking place in Las Vegas where the Raiders are supposed to play this upcoming season. The Arizona Cardinals in the draft will be picking at number 8. I think that they should draft an offensive lineman or trade down to get a really good wide receiver they really like better. The NFL has decided to make the NFL season longer by adding two more playoff teams. Normally, it only has six teams making the playoffs, but now it will be different.

In other news… It appears baseball season will be starting later this year. It was supposed to be starting on March 26th, but it was delayed due to the coronavirus. Rumor has it that will start in October which is usually when postseason (playoffs) are supposed to begin. They have moved it back to November of next year. In terms of the playoff teams, the MLB has decided to do the same as the NFL by adding teams, but they are adding 14 teams, which will definitely make the season longer.

So, stay tuned for more Sports updates going forward.

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