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Saturday, Sep 25, 2021
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NBA Season, Will it Continue?

I have some interesting news about NBA season. It appears that NBA is set to resume the season with 22 teams, and all the games will be played at Disney World. The teams will play eight regular-season games before the playoffs begin at ESPN Wide World of Sports complex on the Disney Campus. The NBA games will most likely resume on July 31 after everything opens back up at Disney World. The Western Conference will have 13 teams going to Disney, and the Eastern Conference will have nine. The six teams that will make the playoffs: Memphis, Portland, New Orleans, Sacramento, San Antonio, Phoenix and Washington, according to ESPN. However, there are still some elements of the restart plan that could change and other matters are being negotiated such as how much of a percentage of their contracts that players will lose due to season adjustments.

Stay tuned for more NBA updates.

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