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NFL Week 3 Prediction Updates and Week 4 Predictions!

So last week, I picked some teams that I think will win in week 3 and I got one of them correct. For instance, I predicted that the Buccaneers would beat the Broncos 29-24, but the actual score was 28-10 Buccaneers over the Broncos. I predicted that the Bills would beat the Rams 27-24, but the actual score was 35-32 Bills over the Rams. I predicted that the Seahawks would beat the Cowboys 36-31, but the actual score was 38-31 Seahawks over the Cowboys. My prediction there was so close!! I predicted that the Packers would beat the Saints 43-40, but the actual score was 37-30 Packers over the Saints. I predicted that the Giants would win over the 49ers, but I was completely wrong as the 49ers dominated the Giants 36-9. The Giants are so awful on offense because they do not have the running back Saquon Barkley who is out for the season with a torn ACL.

I predicted that the Cardinals would win 41-27 over the Lions, but sadly, the Lions beat the Cardinals 26-23 after the Lions kicker Matt Prater who is one of the best kickers in the league hits a game-winning field goal to end the game and to avoid a 12- game losing streak and another tie. Kyler Murray also threw 3 interceptions, 2 touchdowns, and a touchdown run when he made some defenders look silly on that play. I also predicted that the Ravens would come up on top over the Chiefs, but the score was somewhat close to 40 points as the Chiefs came up on top 34-20 over the Ravens.

Now let’s move on to week 4 predictions which starts tomorrow. I will predict the Seahawks @ Dolphins game. I think this is definitely a Seahawks win over the Dolphins. The Dolphins seem like they can move the ball down the field, but it just won’t be enough to slow down the 3-0 team. My prediction is that the Seahawks will win 31-17 over the Dolphins. The next game I will predict is the Patriots @ Chiefs game. The Patriots quarterback Cam Newton will not play on Monday or Tuesday because he has tested positive for covid-19. So, I would say the Chiefs have a really good chance to beat the Patriots at home. I predict that the Chiefs will beat the Patriots in a close game 33-26.

 The next game I will predict is the Ravens @ Washington Football team. I definitely think that the Ravens will win this game by a blowout. I predict that the Ravens will win 41-13 over the Football team. The next game I will predict is the Browns @Cowboys game. I think the Cowboys will bounce back from the lost to Seattle last week. I predict that the Cowboys will win 30-21 over the Browns. The next game I will predict is the Cardinals @Panthers game. The Panthers do not have running back Christian McCaffery because he will not be playing tomorrow. The Cardinals are a little banged up on the safety position. I think the Cardinals will bounce back from the loss to the Lions because Kyler Murray will not make mistakes again. The Cardinals will eliminate some penalties and get some interceptions against the quarterback Teddy Bridgewater. I predict that the Cardinals will win 32-19 over the Panthers. Go Cardinals!!!!

The next game I will predict is the Giants @Rams game. And yes, the Rams will beat the Giants because they are competitive in the NFC West. I predict that the Rams will win 38-20 over the Giants. The next game I will predict is the Eagles @49ers game on Sunday Night Football. I think the 49ers will win over the Eagles 33-18. The Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz is playing so bad right now and he is probably going to throw 4 interceptions. The next games I will predict is the Falcons @Packers game on Monday Night Football, and Steelers @Titans game. I predict that the Packers will win 38-21 over the Falcons. The falcons might have a 21-0 lead, but they will blow it once again and be shut out for the rest of the game. I also predict that the Titans might be able to pull off the win barely 34-31 over the Steelers.

So, what do you guys think of these predictions?! I would like to hear some comments or thoughts down below! Stay tuned for NFL week 4 prediction updates!

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