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Monday, Apr 22, 2024

Author : eastwolfstyle

Hi my name is Kai. I’m a 90’s kid raised on Daria and Sega Genesis so I’m too cynical for my own good. But other than that I am a friendly and honest nerd. I have a huge collection of statues, action figures, Funko Pop Vinyls, comic books, art books, anime and manga. I’m an avid Cowboy Bebop, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure and Dragon Ball Z fan. I love anything with Zatanna and Black Canary in it. I’m also a huge Street Fighter and Tekken fan always looking for merchandise to buy. Even though I’m in my 20’s I still love cartoons ranging from adult shows like Venture Bros. and Ricky and Morty to kids shows like Gravity Falls and We Bear Bears. I’m a huge fan of the 2D animation studio Titmouse Inc. and always appreciate good shows with smart writing. I’m also an amateur cosplayer and over the summer you can find me at conventions all over the New York tri-state area.