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‘BATMAN – The Telltale Series’ Episode 2: Children of Arkham coming 9/20/16

Telltale Games along with Warner Brothers today announced the next episode in their Batman – The Telltale Series will be released on September 20th. The episode is subtitled ‘Children of Arkham’. Full details and pictures...
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Unboxing/Review of Lamplanet’s Genki Dama 2.0

Hesus Ng Sunrise
Check out Hesus’ Unboxing/Review of Lamplanet’s Genki Dama aka Spirit Bomb Lamp v2.0 Here’s his Version 1.0 Review Check out more about LamPlanet http://www.lamplanet.com http://www.facebook.com/lamplanetcom http://www.instagram.com/lamplanetcom http://www.twitter.com/lamplanetcom http://www.pinterest.com/lamplanet What do you think? Join the discussion on...
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