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TVTalk with TNE Ep 161: Fall 2017 TV is Here!

After an unintended absence, the gang is back with some TV News, talk new shows we are watching, like Syfy’s Superstition. We also go over Channel Zero, and Netflix’s Stranger Things 2. Enjoy! Comment below your thoughts on our episode and any new Fall TV shows your watching!

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Channel Zero: No End House is Real

We are now in October again and we are halfway through season 2 of Channel Zero.  This season tackles the creepy pasta by Brian Russell called “No End House.”  I have yet to read the short story but like last season, I find myself enjoying it while being creeped out …

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SYFY released information on panels and events at San Diego Comic-Con today. Below is a summary of all events coming to Comic-Con along with the full panel schedule. SYFY BRINGS FANDEMONIUM TO SAN DIEGO COMIC-CON WITH WALL TO WALL TAKE OVER  15 Panels and Screenings Featuring the Biggest Names in …

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Candle Cove: Processing and Sneak Peaks

Last week’s episode of SyFy’s creepy anthology, Channel Zero: Candle Cove “A Strange Vessel,” revealed that grudges can last a very long time.  Spirit Eddie (Luca Villacis) got his revenge by having Ms. Booth (Marina Stephensen Kerr) through her minions kill sweet gal Jessica Yolen (Natalie Brown) who I felt …

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Candle Cove Described in One Word: Creepy

This is usually the time of year where several channels will show the classic horror films and nostalgia could reign.  However when I saw previews for SyFy’s Channel Zero: Candle Cove, I figured I would latch onto the six episode min-series for my horror fix instead of only watching the …

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Channel Zero: Candle Cove Premieres on SyFy Tonight!

It’s October, the month where horror reigns.  Every once and awhile SyFy dips into the horror genre with a show.  Based on the trailer, their new foray Channel Zero: Candle Cove looks like it will be certifiably creepy.  I mean look at this creature! *Shivers* According to the press release, …

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