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Awesome Con DC Cosplay

The DMV area definitely turned out and represented at Awesome Con DC this year with cool cosplay. From Gambit and Cyclops to the Lannisters, I think everyone put time and effort into their cosplay and it showed. Check out our gallery below.

Matthew Flint, VenomVenom & Patrick Michael StrangeAmy, Unicorn (l), Derek Charr (r) Jesse Fresco, BloodshotMatt Stewart, Joker From Left: Heather Shanks, Rorschach; Aliza Menick, The Comedian; Mark Siegrist, SpiritAndrew Smith, Gambit (l), Aitch Cee Bishop Eca, Cyclops (right)Aitch Cee Bishop Eca, CyclopsKevin Delling, Storm Trooper John Barclay, HellboySteven Anderson, Major OcelotJackie Anderon, Rumple (l), Terri Johnson, Belle (r)Justin Schovillle, Jaime LannisterLannister Family from left, Kenna Libes (Joffrey), Joe Graves (Tywin) Megan Horak (Cersei), Justin Schoville (Jamie)Nastassia Gross, Poison Ivy (l), Jon Gross, Two-Face (r)Erica Breig, PocahontasErica Breig, SteampunkLokiLucy Campbell, Lydia (l) Morgan Campbell, Beattlejuice (r)Teresa Holt, Black Widow (l), Eric Brooks, Nick Fury (r)Teresa Holt, Agent Romanov (l), Eric Brooks, Nick Fury (m), Agent Romanov (r)From Left: Ashley O, Catwoman; Nocile J, Huntress; Mercedes McGee, DJ Minnie Mouse; Christina P., Wonder Woman; John Babalola, Orbito (bottom)Lady TardisEric Tank, Darth VaderMugsy from Dick Tracy

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