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Sean Astin and David Boreanaz Panels at WW Philly

I finally got to see a Sean Astin Q&A Panel at Wizard World! He was very gracious and he gave a birthday shout out to his big fan and family friend Linda.  Astin is going to be in the new show “The Strain” so I have to check the show out the show even more now! I thought his story of how he met Bruce Willis when he was filming the movie “Kimberly” was funny.   He also talked about his political show Vox Populi and the various marathons he has done over the years. You have to admire someone that can run as many marathons as he does.

David Boreanaz was surprisingly funny in his panel.  He talked about growing up in Philadelphia and his show Bones and Angel.  He also talked about some of the more interesting gifts fans have given him.  One particular gift he received was cat food. And no he doesn’t have a cat.  Disappointing he doesn’t want one.  He teased one fan by repeating her name over and over. Kelly, Kelly Kelly….

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