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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 2

We last left Sarah with a car full of bullet holes, speeding away, with a German (also full of bullet holes) in the back seat.  The German is dead and Sarah decides to finally answer the pink cell phone that’s been ringing randomly over the past few days.  The woman on the other end asks about the German and Sarah mentions she is dead in the back of her car and that someone tried to permanently end them both.  The woman on the phone mentions that it’s true…someone really is killing them off!  Whoa, now we finally have more of a story going instead of just a find the clone game.  Essentially, it’s kind of like that game “Guess Who” from your childhood but with way more matches and a little murder thrown in to keep things interesting!  I also apologize for calling the German a Russian in the first recap.   No joke, I worked with a Russian girl who had sassy red hair and dressed just like the German, furry jacket and all.  My mind gets confused with all this late night clone watching!  So, onward…


Conveniently the woman on the phone thinks she’s talking to Beth and tells her to go buy a shovel and get rid of the German’s body…but only after getting hair and blood samples.  Totally not creepy at all!  Seriously, there are way too many sci-fi movies involving these kinds of activities so I have no idea why Sarah goes along with it?  We then have a montage of digging and burying the German in the woods near a grimy “Private Property” sign.  Girl, don’t you know you should dispose of dead bodies in the actual woods where there are no people?  Or at least buy some gloves!


After the memorial we are back at Felix’s art loft where everyone is moping around drunk, talking about how much they miss Sarah.  There is an unfortunate pompadour and some bad poetry. Then flash to Sarah hosing down her car at an apparent 24 hour car wash.  This confuses me because the only place I have seen people ever wash their cars in the middle of the night is LA.  Where did she find an open car wash?  Where does Orphan Black take place again?  Oh yes, Toronto, land of rain, snow, and no need for 24 hour carwash places.  Also, she replaces the shot out glass cause you can do that in the middle of the night too!


We find out that the $75,000 was taken by Art and will only be given back if Sarah does a good job giving her statement about Maggie Chen and gets reinstated.  I can’t tell if Art is a jerk face or if he’s just concerned?  We get another scene with Paul who accuses Sarah/Beth of erratic behavior (duh!).  There is a little sexiness mixed with anger mixed with confusion.  Paul says he’s gonna bounce and head off to a friend’s house to stay for a while.  Sarah practically cheers but has to pull herself back and fake her disappointment.  She is finally free to let her guard down a little.


Felix has a meet up with Mrs. S to explain the Sarah situation and we get to see a little more of Kira.  Sarah meets with Art to go over her statements about Maggie Chen and we learn that Art put the cell phone in Chen’s hand to cover for Beth’s “tweaker ass”.  Sarah is a little shocked to learn this and starts to realize Beth really wasn’t in a good place.


Sarah gets another call on the pink phone and the voice on the other line asks if Sarah/Beth has the German’s briefcase.  Apparently there is an all important briefcase that is worth this whole cat and mouse game around the globe.  Sarah decides to go to the German’s hotel by impersonating her (so ironic that Sarah continues to impersonate her clones).  She gets to the hotel, it’s trashed, but she finds her bag check ticket and has the front desk guy get the briefcase that the looters couldn’t find.  Also, there are creepy ripped up Barbie and Bible things going on in the trashed room…remember that for later.


So Sarah takes the briefcase to the top of an abandoned parking garage because of course she does!  Moody parking garage lighting is the best for this type of thing.  I expect to see the Arc of the Covenant or a Crystal Skull in there but it’s just paperwork, as well as blood and hair samples.  You know, the usual stuff that’s found in a metal briefcase.  There is more pink phone interaction and Sarah finally confesses it’s not Beth anymore and tries to get information from the voice.  Nope, she is blocked and decides to take matters into her own hands the next day by driving to the address of another clone who was listed in the briefcase paperwork.  It’s a soccer mom with some kids and Sarah actually follows them to the soccer field.  Surprise, it’s another twin and by this time we know they are clones since the preview gave it away.  Sarah corners new clone, Allison, in the field house and they make arrangements to meet up later after another pink mobile phone call.  This is finally getting exciting!!


Flash to the psychologist that Beth is going to for her issues.  The doc is not going to clear her for duty which will screw up the money situation with Art.  So, Sarah blackmails the doc into clearing her for duty because of all of Beth’s overlapping prescriptions.  The hearing about Maggie Chen goes off swimmingly and we are on to the big reveal!


Sarah arrives at Allison’s suburban house with Felix riding shotgun in case anything happens.  Felix is not happy about this, especially when he learns the German is dead but he’s trapped now.  Sarah is greeted through the back gate with Allison and Allison’s handgun.  Allison warns not to wake her kids up or she’ll shoot Sarah.  Nice, Allison is really wound tight.  I don’t want to like Allison but I do.  Then another clone pops out of the back room and introduces herself as Cosima.  BAM!  Sarah’s mind is blown and she asks how many of them are out there.  Cut to end credits!  Wow, that was a great moment to end the episode!  I was waiting for Cosima since everyone on the internet seems to be in love with her…literally everyone!  I want to know how Cosima, Allison, and Beth found each other and what their initial meetings were like.  I want some flashbacks to that!  So now I wonder how long Sarah can keep up the lies and how she’s going to react to the clone news!  Where is this all going and is she getting that money finally?  I know, I’ll find out…

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