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Korra’s Korner – “The Ultimatum”, “Enter the Void”, and “Venom of the Red Lotus”

The-Legend-of-Korra-Season-2-Episode-14-Light-in-the-DarkWelcome back to Korra’s Korner – this will be the last you’ll see of us for a while, well at least until season 4 starts.

Today, I’m going to cover the last three episodes, “The Ultimatum”, “Enter the Void”, and “Venom of the Red Lotus”.

“The Ultimatum”

The episode begins with Bolin and Mako escaping from Ba Sing Se which had recently fallen into chaos due to the death of the Earth Queen. They manage to take their entire extended family with them (grandma needed some extra convincing) on an airship they stole to save Korra. They eventually backtrace Korra’s steps and find her at the Misty Palm Oasis. Some family hilarity ensues with grandma demanding to know why Mako doesn’t date nice girls like Korra and Asami.

Korra goes to the spirit world and runs into Iroh and asks him for his advice on the situation with Zaheer, who recommends that he speak with Zuko, the person who was closest to Avatar Aang. As Korra can no longer connect with her past lives, Zuko is her only option. Korra speaks with Zuko and Zuko explains that Avatar Aang would defend the Air Nation with his life if it was necessary. Korra figures out what to do and understands.

A big fight ensues between the Superbenders and Bumi and Kya who manage to hold their own for a little until they are overwhelmed by the superior bending of the Superbenders. Meanwhile, Kai manages to distract P’Li to save the other benders, only to be shot off the cliff and miraculously saved by a baby bison.

Zaheer and Tenzin engage in a fight of some epic airbending only for Tenzin to succumb to Zaheer’s superiority. The episodes fades to black without the viewing knowing whether Tenzin is alive or not.

In this episode, we see the development of main cast, especially in Korra and Tenzin who discover that they will stick to their guns and fight for their ideals regardless of the cost. Korra realizes her need to be the Avatar even if it costs her her life. Tenzin realizes that he will stand up for what he believes as long as he’s still breathing.

“Enter The Void”

In this episode, we see a huge development in Zaheer. After reading the teachings of Guru Laghima, Zaheer achieved the ability of flight. After the loss of P’Li, Zaheer lost all his earthly attachments and found freedom.

The episode begins with the gang trying to make plans to stop Zaheer, Korra steps in and explains the only way to save the new Airbenders was to give herself over to Zaheer. The group decides to split up into two groups to aid Korra and to save the Airbenders. Korra gives herself over Zaheer, only for it to of course be a trap. The prisoners turn out to be water dummies from Ming-Hua and the gang is quickly attacked.

The Metalbenders and Korra’s dad, Tonraq, help save Korra from Zaheer, freeing her and a battle ensues. Zaheer and Tonraq go at it and Zaheer seemingly knocks Tonraq off the cliff having him fall to his death. Meanwhile, Suyin and Lin battle P’Li with Lin drawing fire allowing Su to encase P’Li’s head in armor as she is combustion bending causing her death. This loss allows Zaheer to rid himself of all earthly attachments, which allows him to fly and to escape with Korra.

The Airbenders are saved by Asami, Bolin, and Mako and Bolin figures out that he can lavabend. Kai informs the others where Korra had been taken to and the team prepares to move out.

“Venom of the Red Lotus”

The gang and Kai take their bison and fly off towards Korra – who is now tied up by Zaheer in the Red Lotus Cave. Zaheer finally divulges his grand plan, he plans to poison the Avatar to force her into the Avatar state and then kill her; ending the line of Avatars for all time. Zaheer teases Korra stating that she will be known the as the last Avatar.

After the poison enters Korra’s body, we see Korra resisting it will all her might – she sees the faces of her old foes, Amon, Unalaq and Vatu in her delirium. Eventually, the poison takes over and Korra returns to the Avatar state with Zaheer and the Superbenders – they expect an easy battle but have never faced the full fury of an Avatar before! Tonraq, Mako and Bolin show up to assist the Avatar – Tonraq goes with Korra to help. Mako takes on Ming-Hua and eventually kills her with a well-placed lightning strike. Mako then goes to Bolin to assist with Ghazan – who cites he will never be in prison again and commits suicide by turning the walls to lava.

Outside Zaheer and Korra battle with Zaheer having greater ability to fight due to his ability of flight! They exchange blow for blow, with Korra appearing to be winning however the poison takes it place and Korra succumbs to its effects. Zaheer then starts to literally suck the life out of Korra by removing the air out of her lungs. Luckily, the day is saved by Jinora who urges the other Airbenders to use their bending in conjunction to stop Zaheer. They form a tornado that sucks Korra and Zaheer apart – allowing Korra to chain whip Zaheer into the ground defeating him. He is quickly encaged in a rock prison by Su and Lin. Tonraq runs to Korra who is slowly dying and Jinora tells Su that she can save Korra by removing the metal poison from her.

Two weeks later, we see Asami dressing up a wheelchair bound Korra for Jinora’s tattoo master ceremony. The President of Republic City welcomes Korra back to the fold mentioning that the world has become more and more dangerous, and that the Avatar is needed more than ever. But what could she do from a wheelchair?

We then see Jinora being christened as an Airbending master complete with tattoos, as she removes her hood, we see that she looks exactly like young Aang. Tenzin then makes a speech about the Airbenders returning to their Air Nomad roots, but this time they will patrol the world and set rights from wrongs while the Avatar heals.

The last scene sets the tone for season 4, Tenzin will be using his Airbending troops to patrol the world until Korra heals – as to what that entails or how that is going to fold out is yet to be seen…


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