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Korra’s Korner – Operation Beifong *SPOILERS*

Toph is back! She kicks some butt! And we finally find out who one of her babies daddy is!

This episode begins with Bolin professing his love for Opal and says he’ll do whatever it takes to fix his relationship with her when Lin interrupts to scout only to be interrupted by the one and only TOPH! Bolin immediately fangirls and explains to her that she is his hero.

Toph explains that their family has already been moved and she has been watching over Zao Fu through the vines from the swamplands. Bolin explains that they are nearby in a nearby prison with much chastising from Lin and Toph.

Varrick and Asami show Raiko their flying mecha suits and Raiko gets upset because they don’t have any spirit vine weapons. Korra and Varrick refuse to help with the vines – Korra offers to ask the spirits for assistance and Wu suggests that they evacuate the city to impress Korra.

Baatar Jr and Zhu Lee are testing their Spirit Vine weapon when it seemingly malfunctions and almost explodes. Baatar Jr saves the day at the last minute by disarming it and finding the cause of the malfunction to be a crack in the channeling ring. He orders the crew to disassemble and reassemble the weapon because Kuvira will be there to inspect it in the morning.

Back on Juicy, Opal’s Flying Bison, tension is thick between Lin and Toph due to their estrangement. They land at the factory and immediately scout for the Beifong family. They discover their family in a cavern down below the Spirit Vine weapon. They observe Kuvira inspect the weapon, only to discover that Zhu Lee is lying about something about the cannon.

Back in Republic City, Korra attempts to speak with the spirits and she realizes that they are leaving the city.

Back in their hiding spot, Bolin talks to Toph about metal bending and explains he can lava bend. Toph compliments him on it and he is overwhelmed with joy. Bolin then asks who Lin’s father is – Toph explains that he was a man named Kanto and things didn’t work out between them (we finally know who the father is, but who is he?) Lin and Toph get into about never having a father while growing and Toph explains that she needs to get over it – her and Su worked things out.

Back at the factory, the Earth Empire rolls out the weapon and team Beifong rolls in to rescue their family and succeeds! While they are saving their family – Kuvira discovers that Zhu Lee is a traitor and was the one sabotaging the weapon. She didn’t want the weapon to fall in the wrong hands. Kuvira places Zhu Lee in the town that the weapon is going to be tested on. Bolin refuses to leave Zhu Lee behind and goes after her, Opal follows her with Juicy. They manage to save Zhu Lee and narrowly miss an attack from the weapon too!

Unfortunately back with team Beifong, the guards are alerted and the whole factory attacks – after a drawn out battle between the guards, Su tries to eliminate Kuvira but is unsuccessful. Toph refuses to help at first but when her family gets pinned between a rock and a corner (literally) she swoops in with her incredible earth bending and saves the day. Before leaving Toph informs Kuvira that she has made metal benders look bad and they escape on Juicy.

Back on Air Temple Island, Korra meditates into the spirit world and asks for their assistance. One spirit explains to Korra that spirits do not get involved in human wars, spirits will not be used as weapons in wars. Korra pleas with them but the spirits vanish.

Back in safety, everyone thanks Toph for saving them. Lin apologizes for her behavior and Toph tells them she is blessed with two great kids and asks for forgiveness. Toph explains that her fighting days are over and for the same reason Katara didn’t help out in the civil war, she states “some times you gotta leave it for the kids.” Opal and Bolin make up and Zhu Lee has awful news – Kuvira is going to attack Republic City in two weeks.

In this episode, we finally learn about the father of Toph’s children but who is he? Will we meet him later? Is he dead? I also wish that Toph participated more in the war effort instead of just leaving it to the kids.

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