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Korra’s Korner – “Kuvira’s Gambit” *SPOILERS*

This week on Korra’s Korner – Republic City comes full circle with the fact that is it part of the Earth Empire and Kuvira invades it with a giant mech armed with a spirit vine cannon!

The episode opens with Kuvira addressing the Earth Empire about Republic City and that it must return to the Earth Empire. Kuvira and Bataar Jr. express their love for each other, and make plans for marriage after the war is over. The scene jumps to Republic City where Korra, Prince Wu, Mako, Raiko, and Tenzin are discussing the evacuation and no one is leaving due to lack of any danger. Bolin barges in with the Beifong family and Zhu Li and explains the super weapon that they developed, and that Kuvira is ready to attack Republic City in two weeks. Zhu Li also explains that she only pretended to be loyal to Kuvira to sabotage all development on the spirit vine weapon so it could not be used. Raiko announces that the evacuation is now mandatory.

In the factory, Varrick oversees the development of the Hummingbird mechs, Bolin comes in and Zhu Li is there. There might had been a tender moment but Varrick ruins it, and Zhu Li demands that she be treated like an equal if she is to stay around. On the emergency radio – Mako explains the directions of the mandatory evacuation and proceeds to confuse everyone. Prince Wu takes over the radio and gives a heartwarming speech that calms down the populace of Republic City and the people begin to leave the city.

Back at Air Temple Island, Tenzin’s family decides to not evacuate, and to stay to protect Republic City – a montage begins of people evacuating the city and General Iroh arrives with the forces of Republic City. Just overnight it appears that Republic City is completely abandoned. Korra, Asami, Bolin and Mako come to Tenzin and Raiko to speak about destroying Kuvira’s spirit weapon before it arrives at the city. Raiko agrees with Korra and the gang and they head offf into the night. Back at a guard station, Kuvira’s army arrives a week early with some sort of giant mech! This giant mech has a spirit vine cannon attached to it and destroys the guard station. Later in the morning, the gang comes up onto Kuvira’s Army and discovers the giant mech! They narrowly escape and return to Republic City to explain that Kuvira’s Army is only few hours away and that the spirit weapon is attached to a giant mech suit that is over 25 stories tall.

The gang splits up – Korra goes with General Iroh, the Beifongs and the rest of the gang go to the factory to try to grab a few flying mech suits. Kuvira and Raiko come to a standstill with their forces and Raiko demands Kuvira’s surrender. She then demonstrates the power of the spirit cannon and Raiko surrenders Republic City to Kuvira. Korra returns to the gang and they discuss a way to defeat the giant mech – Korra comes up with an idea to kidnap Bataar Jr. so he can reveal the weakness in the giant mech. Korra selects her team to kidnap Bataar Jr. and they do so easily. They bring him back to the family to interrogate him and everything seems ineffective. Korra then threatens that she will never leave Kuvira only and they will never have peace or love. Bataar Jr. then contacts Kuvira on the radio and tells Kuvira to leave Republic City so they can live out the rest of their lives. Kuvira agrees with him but mutes the radio to locate Bataar Jr. and then fires upon him.

The episode ends with Lin heading over to check for survivors and Kuvira releasing a large sigh – whether it is of grief or happiness it is unknown.

We are starting to see parallels being drawn between Kuvira and Azula – they will do anything to achieve their goals, even if it means hurting their own loved ones. Kuvira fired upon Bataar Jr. just like Azula went after Ty Lee, Mai and Zuko. We see their goals be held above all so much that it begins to destroy their sanity. We especially see this with the hair, Kuvira’s hair is usually neat and organized but falls apart when she is stressed. Next week is the last two episodes of Korra and the end of the Avatar series. We’ll see what happens next week! Go KORRA!

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