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Korra’s Korner – “Long Live The Queen” *SPOILERS*

On this week of Korra’s Korner, “Long Live The Queen” aired and the episode was quite the shocker.

The episode begins with Korra and Asami trapped on the airship headed to the Earth Kingdom as per the Earth Queen, she wants the Avatar for some unknown reason. Asami knows the ins and outs of the airships sold to the Earth Kingdom, and tricks the guards into giving Korra the keys and they escape! They eventually take over the airship only to crash it in the desert.

Zaheer and the Super Benders take Bolin and Mako over to the Earth Queen in exchange for the Avatar – Zaheer explains that if the Earth Queen captured the Avatar all the other nations would come down on the Earth Kingdom. Bolin and Mako get sent to the dungeons with some other prisoners. Mako tries to convince Bolin that he can metalbend, only for Bolin to fail repeatedly.

Meanwhile, The Earth Queen sets her troops on Zaheer and his Super Benders only for the Dai Li to get their butt kicks. Zaheer advises the Earth Queen, that he does not believe in queens and airbends the air straight out of her lungs, killing her. Zaheer then gets on the Earth Kingdom PA system letting them know that they are now free from her rule. Zaheer then lets the rest of the prisoners free, aside from Mako and Bolin, he then explains to them that he has a message for them to deliver to Korra.

After crashing the ship, Asami and Korra with the help of the crew attempt to repair it – only for the airship to be eaten by a sand shark! With some quick thinking Asami assembles a sand sail just like in Avatar: The Last Airbender. With some quick airbending, the gang makes it to the Misty Palm Oasis. At the Oasis, they meet up with Lin, Tarloq and Lord Zuko.

In this episode, we finally get a better glimpse at the big bad Zaheer’s plans – he intends to set the people free by removing their leaders. As for what purpose the Avatar serves we have yet to find out.

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