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Carmilla: Season 2 Obsession

Yes, this is another article about Carmilla. I can’t help it, I’m completely obsessed! Never have I been this much of a fangirl but season 2 of Carmilla is completely taking over my life! I created a Twitter account just so I could #BooRadleyVanCullen with a group of fantastic fans and I will likely start a Tumblr just so I can reblog Carmilla related things all day long! No joke, fandom is serious business!

So, why did my Carmilla fever ratchet up a few notches this weekend? Well, with the US holiday I had three days in a row to just browse through photos and footage from the Fan Expo in Canada. The same Fan Expo in which the cast of Carmilla had their very own panel and miles of screaming #Creampuffs. It was a glorious day for the internet! And ultimately it was a glorious day for all those searching Carmilla related tags on social media and the interwebs. Thank you to the generous fans posting and sharing all of your pics from that day!

For those of you still not watching, what are you waiting for?! Season 2 picks up right where the Christmas episode left us. Laura, Carmilla, LaF, and Perry have stumbled back after an unsuccessful attempt at fleeing their European campus and the surrounding village. Strange things are afoot and they take up residence in a fancy and very creepy dwelling. Laura and Carmilla are still together (fandom level screaming coming from my face) LaF is carrying around JP on a USB drive, and Perry is worrying about it all. Yep, everything is normal, except for the evil angler fish god stuck in a crater. Never a dull moment at Silas University!

The fantastic ensemble cast always does a great job mixing the right amount of their characters into the scene. There are also a few newcomers in season 2 including Carmilla’s sister, Mattie. Mattie sounds like a light-hearted name but it is just a shortened version of someone more deadly than Carmilla. In fact, Mattie is becoming one of my favorite characters and while we don’t see a lot of her, I can feel her presence in some of the scenes. It’s intriguing and Sophia Walker does a fantastic job bringing her to life- or should I say afterlife? I could watch an entire show just about Mattie and her previous adventures.

Do yourself a favor and watch this show! There are only eight episodes left this season and another one drops today. Watch it and freak out with me! Why was Mattie covered in blood? What happened to the Summers? Where is Perry? WHERE IS PERRY?! Only a few more episodes to find out! Go watch it and feel free to comment or tweet me your theories! We can then freak out together… welcome to the party Creampuff! (Seriously, tweet me your Carmilla love @sparklyNray)

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