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Korra’s Korner! Book 4, Episode 1: After All These Years *SPOILERS*

It’s been just over a month since we last met at Korra’s Korner and a lot has changed. Book 4 begins three years after Book 3 ends – last we saw Korra she was still recovering from her injuries in a wheelchair and the gang was at air temple preparing to assist the Avatar in restoring balance to the world.

This episode begins with mover about Republic City – how it has changed in 3 years, with Air Temple Island, Avatar Korra Park and the Spirit Wilds.

It continues with Asami and President Raiko opening the new train station that connects Republic City to the Earth Kingdom. Zooming out to the crowd, we see Tenzin and the family, all aged 3 years older. We also see the introduction of a new character, Prince Wu, the future king of Ba Sing Se. He attempts to flirt with Asami only to be shot down and have Mako, Prince Wu’s bodyguard, tell him he has a meeting with the President of Republic City.

President Raiko, Lin and Tenzin explain to Prince Wu that Ba Sing Se and the Earth Kingdom is safe now despite his protests that his great aunt was assassinated 3 years ago.

The scene takes us to the State of Yi, where earth bending bandits steal from a town only to be stopped by the new and improved Kai and Opal. As we remember from last season, Tenzin took the Airbenders to police the world while Korra was gone, these new Airbenders are dressed in red, yellow, and gray wingsuits. The wingsuits allow them to fly like those flying squirrels with their airbending powers. Kai and Opal manage to stop the bandits only to be thanked and scolded by the governor – whom had asked for Tenzin, not airbending children.

The scene pans to Bolin who now works with Kuvira – on a goal (more like a conquest, it appears) to reunite the Earth Kingdom. Varrick is there as well and says they should be celebrating – Kuvira refuses and states she will only celebrate when the Earth Kingdom is 100% re-united. The train they are on suddenly stops and due to boulders left in the road by bandits, and in an impressive display of metalbending Kuvira takes down all the bandits single-handedly. Kuvira gives them the option of joining her or being left behind, metalbent to the train tracks.

Back in Republic City, we see Prince Wu explaining to Mako the benefits of a spa day only for Mako to shove him in the car because some Kuvira supporters had pied Prince Wu. Prince Wu has a panic attack in the car thinking he is allergic to strawberry pie with Mako, who’s irritated at this point, calmingly reminding him that he is allergic to bee stings!

We pan back to Opal and Kai who see Bolin arrive on a train with Kuvira and Opal’s brother. Bolin meets Kai and Opal in happiness, they are still together and in a long distance relationship. Opal and her brother bicker about what happened 3 years in Zaofu. Opal explains she knows how Kuvira “helps people” by stepping in and conquering their town. Kuvira explains she is trying to give everyone in the Earth Kingdom a better future and the ability to achieve their own greatness. Opal also learns in this scene, that Kuvira and her brother are getting married.

Kuvira speaks to the governor who is in disagreement over Kuvira’s “generous offer” which is a contract that essentially states that Kuvira is taking over the town and everything in it. Kuvira warns him that his state will fall unless he signs. We might be seeing Kuvira and company as the Big Bad for this season. Opal and Kai beg Kuvira and Bolin with help to save the town, but the governor insists that they must leave. The relationship between Opal and Bolin stresses its bonds. Kai comes up with the idea of using Lefty (their bison) to get supplies to the town even though the town is blockaded. They manage to almost get to the town but bandits with an airplane steal the supplies straigh off Lefty’s back. Kai and Opal return to the town empty handed and tell the governor it might be time to make that hard decision to accept the generous offer. The governor states that he never really had a choice.

Back to the Tenzin family, we see Meelo and Ikki all grow up – Meelo insists that he will be unrecognizable to Korra, since he is a man now. Lin breaks the news to Mako, that he will be going to Ba Sing Se with Prince Wu as it was his personal request to President Raiko. Lin explains with sympathy that she couldn’t get him out of it, Mako is now just another pawn in the game of politics. The pair are interrupted by a person who states that a ship is at the dock and Ikki and Meelo jump up to see Korra!

We then see the State of Yi assisted by Kuvira’s forces and everyone seems happy with the food and supplies. We also see the town infiltrated by her troops both in armor and mechanized. Kuvira demands a pledge of loyalty from the governor who reluctantly gives it. We see Opal disappear from the crowd in disgust with a shocked Bolin moping in the background as he is handing out supplies.

Back at Air Temple Island, we see Tonraq and Naga leave the ship and Tonraq speaks with Tenzin who is surprised that Korra isn’t already there. He states that Korra left the South Pole six months ago and that she had been writing him letters and is in Republic City. The scene pans to what appears to be a pro bending match between Korra (now with cropped hair) and an unknown earthbender engaging in combat. Korra gets pummeled and loses – and gets paid for her “lackluster participation.” The fightmaster almost recognizes her as the Avatar – in which Korra responds she gets that a lot. The fightmaster asks her, “What happened to her?” Korra replies she does not know.

This was a great episode (even though we see everything isn’t perfect) that foreshadows the overall tone of Book 4. It appears that it’s up to Korra to restore balance to the world for the fourth time (that’s after Amon, Vaatu and Zaheer). It looks like our Korra has the hardest job of finding balance for herself before restoring it to the world.




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