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Korra’s Korner – Korra Alone *SPOILERS*

1538759_953273191355941_2931399170628405490_nThis week on Korra’s Korner we go over “Korra Alone” on this week’s Korra-centric episode!

The episode opens from where Korra left off on her fight, waterbending healing herself only to be kicked out by another man who desperately needed to use the bathroom. She narrowly avoids getting hit by a car and stumbles over, still recovering on what happened three years ago. She then sees to what appears to be herself in the Avatar State attacking her with a metal chain, she firebends at it and it dissipates…

Korra flashbacks to when she leaves at the end of Book 3 – and she insists on spending a couple weeks alone. We see her still standing and having nightmares from her battle with Zaheer. Her mother explains to her that she is worried with the not sleeping and not eating and asks her to see Katara. Katara explains to Korra the poison did a lot of internal damage and that healing process is up to Korra and she can only be her guide. Korra states she wants to be stronger than ever, Katara shows Korra a mental exercise and she is able to move her big toe (a nod to Kill Bill!) Katara says, “the mind can be a powerful ally or your greatest enemy.” She teaches Korra how to walk again abeit Korra having some flashbacks to having the poison entering her body.

Korra goes over the letters she has received from Asami, Mako and Bolin – who all miss her dearly and tell her about their tales. Asami has a new contract to rebuild Republic City, Mako is back on the job as a cop and Bolin has joined up with Kuvira.

Six months later, Korra can only take a few steps without falling and she lashes out at Katara in anger. Katara tells her to “Let her anger and frustration flow like water.” Korra explains she is so tired and Katara tells her about Aang and when he learned that his entire culture was destroyed..but he chose not to let it destroy his spirit and found meaning in his suffering and found peace. Korra asks Katara “what she will find?” and Katara explained she doesn’t know but it will be interesting to find out. Korra manages to walk towards Naga and begins the healing process.

She foward flashes to the present and finds a white little puppy who manages to see the evil version of Korra and scares her away with some mean puppy growls. She follows the puppy down the street to who knows where.

She flashes back to when Tenzin visits her and she’s excited to show him how much better she is doing. She goes to an impromptu training session with some White Lotus but has a vision of Zaheer attacking her and she collapses. Tenzin explains to her “that there is no shame in taking the time you need to make a full recovery, being the Avatar can wait.” Korra says she thought she was ready and is eager to go back out in the world to help stabilize the Earth Kingdom. Tenzin manages to inform her that she needs to be more patient and not worry about the future, be greatful for where you are now and the progress you have made.”

A montage begins with Korra writing a letter to Asami explaining that it has been the most two difficult years of her life, she can get around fine, and still can’t go into the Avatar state. Korra explains she still has visions of Zaheer, and that Katara explains that most of her injuries are mental injuries. She asks Asami to not tell that she wrote to her and not Mako and Bolin because they just don’t understand.

She asks her parents to leave – she explains that she isn’t 100% but wants to travel alone back to Republic City. She leaves her family and Naga behind and takes a little boat, and arrives on an island in which she’s recognized as the Avatar. A merchant explains that he got famous for Aang liking his seaweed rolls. Two crooks steal from a lady prompting the merchant to explain that the Avatar will save us only for Korra to be bested. The lady asks rhetorically, “you sure she’s the Avatar?”

We see Korra traveling to Republic City only to be confronted by the evil Avatar and she turns around and begins her travels across the world. She rids herself of the Water Tribe clothes and replaces it with Earth Kingdom clothes and cuts off most of her hair, leaving it short. We see her travel to the Tree of Time and into the spirit world where she begins to meditate. A spirit recognizes her as the Avatar, and another spirit says she doesn’t look like the Avatar nor does she have any Raava energy around her. Korra says she is the Avatar but she’s just wearing different clothes and cut her hair again. Korra explains she has been away because she has been hurt really bad and lost her connection to the Avatar state and hoped meditating at the Tree of Time would reconnect her. The spirits offer their help but Korra says she needs to figure it out on her own.

We then see Korra travel through the different nations and their corresponding elements only to be haunted by the evil Avatar state Korra. She thinks she sees Raava in the desert but it turns out to be an illusion. She returns to Republic City and follows evil Avatar state Korra to an underground fight ring in where we saw her in the last episode. Korra gets in the ring only to be beaten by her opponent who she sees as the evil Avatar. She flashes forward to where she found the puppy who brings her to the swamp. She follows the puppy into the swamp. The puppy then turns into the spirit who spoke to her at the Tree of Time. Korra asks who she will find in the swamp and the spirit explains, its “not a what, its a who.” She bumps into the evil Avatar again and they begin to fight using all the different bending forms. Evil Avatar Korra manages to chain whip Korra off the tree and bring her down into what appears to be a puddle of glue and and she passes out. She awakes to find herself talking to an old old friend, Toph!

*Photo from Legend of Korra Online Facebook page.

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