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Anime USA 2014 Cosplay

Hello again everyone!

Kendra here, and back with some awesome cosplays that were shown off at this year’s AUSA in Washington, D.C. Last year was my first year attending, and this time around it’s still one of the most enjoyable “small” cons you’ll find in the DMV. Though it is considered a small con, it still draws a ton of people from up along the East Coast, and even Canada. I was much busier with personal shoots at the con this time so I didn’t grab as many hall shots as I would have liked, but enjoy the gallery!! If you happen to see yourself in the gallery, please leave a comment in the bottom of the post and I’ll send you your photo!!

Also if you’d like to keep track of my cosplay photography, you can find it here on my photo facebook page:


Misstitched AliceSatsuki KiryūinNonon Jakuzure, Satsuki Kiryūin, and Tsumugu KinagaseNonon JakuzureNinja Waldo BatgirlGreen ArrowStormGintokiCardcaptor SakuraLady Eboshi and SanLady EboshiSanMaka & SoulLady ToothlessBirdgirlCol. Mustang and Riza HawkeyeSakura, Minato, Jiraiya, Naruto, and TsuandeAnime USA mascotMugen, Fuu, and JinZhang ChunhuaKakashi HakateCloud StrifeLei WulongRose LalondeSophie HatterPamJinxFem!NatsuCiel Phantomhive

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