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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 4

Now we have reached a turning point in this show! This episode makes me want to start marathoning the whole thing! Welcome to the Killer Clone segment where I feel like I need some therapy just to watch this show! Honestly, I really like how things are developing at this point in the story and I feel like this episode is the one that finally gets me hooked!

I may be a little briefer recapping the actual plot and talk a little more about characters and my thoughts on a particular scene. So, the rewind recaps will look slightly different than they have. Also, I know I’m a little behind with Orphan Black as we took a break for Comic-Con craziness but I’ll be rewind recapping the rest of season 1 on a weekly basis!

We start off in a blood smeared bathroom with moody lighting and Killer Clone taking the re-bar out of her side and stitching up the wound with some tackle box supplies. Seriously, I don’t want to go fishing for a long time! At this point I had no idea where this was taking place other than a bathroom full of blood splatter. So, that made it really surprising when I saw that poor little kid come down the stairs in his pajamas. Clearly this is the middle of the night and the kid just wanted to know what was going on and why all the grunting and heavy breathing was happening in his house. Wow! Killer Clone actually broke into someone’s house to stitch herself up! That was resourceful!

At this point I am practically screaming at the TV for the little boy to turn around but he doesn’t (of course). He sees Killer Clone’s scarred back with cuts in the shape of wings. If I was a kid finding this in the middle of the night I would have probably screamed!! But no, Killer Clone turns, sees the kid, and Pied Pipers the kid into the bathroom and shuts the door. All I can think about are the enormous therapy bills this kid will have in the future! YEARS of therapy! Unless she kills him too…

Sarah is freaked out and runs over to Alison’s house to warn her about Killer Clone and, whether she admits it or not, to get a little support. Alison actually takes a moment to chill out (very slightly) and share a drink with Sarah while they discuss. It is finally revealed that Sarah has a daughter she wants to keep away from Killer Clone and Alison seems surprised that it is actually Sarah’s biological daughter. Sarah asks for Alison’s help and makes Alison promise to stay available. After a brief protest Alison agrees and you see a different side to the rigid suburban Ice Queen that Alison has been portrayed as so far. Instead, you see that maybe she is bonding a little with Sarah.

Back at Felix’s loft we see Sarah on video chatting with Cosima who is geeking out about Killer Clone’s knife that was left behind. This is endearing and fantastic in every way,: Cosima geeks out about almost everything! After going on and on about the knife and the symbolism of it, Cosima lets Sarah know that if Killer Clone isn’t dead then it is in everyone’s best interest if she finds Killer Clone and why she is trying to kill all of them. Sarah decides that the only way to find out more about Killer Clone is to continue to impersonate Beth and see if the cops can find more information. Felix makes a remark about how he is starting to think that crazy really is genetic! This is where Cosima mentions that crazy can be genetic but there is also environment to consider as well. She finally talks about one of the themes of the show and mentions Nature vs. Nurture!

Alison is in her craft room getting her kids together for a night at her parent’s house. Her husband, Donnie, comes in asking why the sudden grandparent sleepover? Alison shrugs it off and reminds Donnie it’s his usual Thursday night drinks with clients where he’ll stumble into bed at 3:00 AM rather incoherent. After everyone leaves she takes out her gun and places it on the craft table along with the pink clone phone while she waits for a call. This is how Alison rolls…

We cut to Sarah pretending to be Beth as she searches for clues surrounding Killer Clone. Killer Clone’s motorcycle is being investigated. Sarah and Art stop over at the house where Killer Clone repaired herself to question the witness. They are a bit astounded to find out that the witness is a child. Art questions the kid and eventually Sarah comes out to ask a few questions after the kid points out that the “angry angel” looked like Sarah/Beth. Art thinks that means the killer is a woman and not that it is literally someone with the same face as Sarah/Beth. There is a creepy paper fortune teller with crossed out clones and blood that goes into evidence as well. It’s just all over creepy and confirms this kid will be in therapy forever!

We have a brief scene with Sarah chatting on the phone to Mrs. S and assuring her that she really will show up that night to see Kira. Then we go back to the police department where Art and the rest of them do a lot of explaining and conjecturing about who the killer is and who the victim was. Honestly, I’m kind of bored with this scene because of course the cops are getting closer to finding out who those people actually are and that they all share a face. I kind of don’t care and end up fast forwarding a bit. Then Sarah/Beth gets a phone call and she answers as “Beth” to which the person on the other side of the conversation tells her that Beth is dead. Hello Killer Clone!!!! Then Killer Clone talks about the “connection” that she and Sarah have and we have to wait to find out what that means. At this point I’m thinking that Killer Clone is also just crazy and the connection she feels is that she is a clone and nothing more than that. We also learn that Killer Clone’s name is Helena. Art cracks the crazy code of evidence and he and Sarah go investigate while Helena dresses up in a beanie and pretends to be Beth in the Police station and creeps on all of her desk junk. She even invites Paul down to the station and says she got beat up. Ya, I would be suspicious but apparently all the police at the station think Beth suddenly came back to the office, changed clothing to look disheveled, and got a crazy accent to go along with the bags under her eyes.

Art and Sarah/Beth check out the place Helena is crashing and sees all of the random drawings on the walls and Bible verses and notice that she knows there are more than just a few clones out there. It’s really spooky and I expect Helena to jump out of a closet somewhere. On the way out Sarah calls Felix and he reminds her that she is due to see Kira tonight. It’s a no go and Sarah figures that if she has to be in two places at once then Alison can help her out.

Felix knocks on Alison’s back door and asks her to impersonate Sarah to help with Kira. Alison thinks it’s a crazy idea but agrees anyway because she is a mom and cares. Then Sarah returns to the police station and figures out that Helena was there and left some creepiness in her wake including a rearranged crime tracking bulletin board and a video message on her computer. Sarah then pulls out Maggie Chen’s pics and seemingly finds a connection. While this is happening we are treated to a scene of Alison trying to speak in Sarah’s accent and generally look and speak like Sarah. It is pretty hilarious and you forget that it is the same actress pretending to be bad at impersonating herself. Really it just blows my mind! Tatiana Maslany is AMAZING!

Paul shows up at the police station and him and Sarah share a few barbed words with Art. Then they go outside and share a few words and kisses between the two of them and Sarah lets her guard down a little and we see that she really does have a thing for Paul that is more emotional than it was in the beginning.

Cosima calls Sarah and they discuss the knife symbolism from Helena’s blade. They also discuss that Helena is a religious crazy person who is on a personal crusade to kill all the clones because according to God, there shouldn’t be clones. Sarah has to meet with Helena or there will be trouble. Also, Cosima thinks there is a connection with Maggie Chen and that perhaps Beth killed her on purpose? We have more Art and Sarah/Beth scenes and again I’m bored. Art seems like he is trying to trip up Sarah and her story but then leaves and searches for more clues. Sarah is reviewing Maggie Chen’s file again for something she missed and Helena calls back to further taunt her about not being a good detective. Now it seems that the gears are really in motion in terms of Art finding out how everything is connected and for Paul to realize this is not Beth.

We now finally get to see Alison impersonate Beth in her visit to see Kira at Mrs. S’s house. Alison does an impressive job impersonating Sarah but Kira knows it’s not really her mom. It isn’t her mom and Alison handles it well by getting Kira to understand that her mom really will see her but a little later. You get to see how good Alison is with kids and it makes me feel sad we haven’t been able to see much interaction with her own kids.

Meanwhile, Sarah goes to meet Helena and finally figure out what she wants. Sarah panics and leaves a revealing message for Art about how her real name is Sarah and that she may be dead soon. Sarah and Helena meet and Helena explains that Maggie Chen helped to make the clones. Helena insists that she and Sarah have a connection beyond being part of the clone club. Sarah is continually freaked out by Helena’s crazy and Helena skips out the window before Art can help Sarah. When Art and Sarah get back to the cop shop Sarah/Beth hands over her gun and gives her resignation. Wow!

We cut to the end of the episode and we see Helena convulsing in an alley. A creepy guy gets out of a van, cradles her in his arms, brushes her hair away, and puts her in the van. Just a whole lot of creepiness in that alley! Next episode there is medical creepiness and I gush about how much I love Cosima (even if Sarah is kind of my favorite)!

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