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Korra’s Korner – Episode “Remembrances” *SPOILERS*

This week on Korra’s Korner we have a recap episode! Don’t worry, its quite funny and uplifting!

The episode starts out with Mako trying to toughen up Prince Wu by training him to fight. Mako knocks Wu down with a single punch and Grandma Mako comes quickly to his aid with drinks and sticky dumplings. Mako chastises Wu for being so weak and Wu replies that he wasn’t raised by a pack of cops in the woods. Mako states that isn’t what happened and Wu realizes he doesn’t know anything about Mako.

Mako says he has never asked and Wu rattles off questions about Mako’s life and demands a gab session when he learns that Mako used to date the Avatar. Mako goes over how he first met the Avatar while he was playing for the Fire Ferrets. As he is telling the story, little chibi icons of their faces appear to make comments. He explains how when he became a pro-bender he wanted everything: fame, fortune and accolades. Yet Korra changed that all for him and they ended up being together but Asami came first. He goes through the story of him bouncing between Asami and Korra – much to the chagrin of his grandmother and Wu. He goes through the story of breaking with Asami and Korra and becoming a police officer and being single and finding himself. He explains that he learned much from Korra, about putting others before himself and that Korra continues to inspire him to this day. Wu explains that he learned something today: he never knew much about Mako in the first place and he learned that ladies are complicated and that he should focus on becoming a better king. Mako and Wu resume training and he falls after a single punch again.

The story moves onto Asami and Korra – Korra feels unneeded by the world and Asami completely disagrees. Korra goes through the story of Amon, Unalaq, Zaheer and Kuvira, no matter how hard she tries the world seems to remain unbalanced. Asami reminds her that after she defeated every enemy, the world became a better place. She explains that after the defeat of Amon, free elections were held and non-benders finally had the voice and mattered. Korra goes on to talk about Unalaq and how she created chaos – and the destruction of Raava. Asami goes on to explain that she became more powerful for it and that opening the spirit portals bought back the Airbenders and created a positive shift in the world. Korra then states that Zaheer got airbending as well and created strife and chaos in the Earth Kingdom which led to the power grab of Kuvira. Korra says nothing has changed and that things are more out of balance than ever before. Tenzin steps in and agrees with her but he explains there will always be new conflicts – he explains that the important thing is to better herself over time and that she has. She’s become a thoughtful young women and an inspiration to the world. Korra finally sees the good that she has caused and she vows to always restore balance.

On the boat traveling to Republic City, we have Bolin and Varrick tell a new mover story. Varrick states he has a new mover – Bolin starring as Nuktuk, Hero of the South, in “The Incredible True Story of Bolin, Hero of the World.” Bolin plays Nuktuk and Bolin as his true story of his life. Varrick goes on to the story of Bolin, overdramatized by combining the feats of Korra with Bolin’s. He combines all of Korra’s enemies who vow to defeat Bolin because he’s too awesome and powerful. Varrick goes on to popularize Bolin as a ladies man and being the decision maker for everything that has happened to Korra and the gang. He explains that Bolin was the sole hero of Korra’s story. The crowd claps and cheers for Varrick’s story despite Bolin’s protest – Varrick tells Bolin “never let the truth get in the way of a good story, kid!”

Even though this was filler/recap episode it does show growth in Team Avatar. We finally see Korra realize all the good she’s done for the world, Mako become his own person, and Bolin recognize the hero that he is. We see Asami and Tenzin become the voice of reason for Korra – a voice that she needs to hear. I’m curious to see how Korra and the gang will deal with Kuvira and how the series will end. I’m not really ready for the Avatar series to be over.

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