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Rewind: Orphan Black Season 1 Episode 5

Well here we are again with Killer Clone and her caretaker/cult leader. This is a creepy opening shot that looks like someone used an Instagram filter to film it. Cult Guy is nursing Helena back to health and we are left to wonder how these two are linked.

Then we are back to Beth/Sarah in the shower and we think Helena is sneaking up on her but it’s actually Paul. We have a quick shower scene with Beth/Sarah inviting Paul in and I have seen better shower scenes in soap operas.  The angle of this scene is just a little awkward and I feel like no one knows what to do with their hands and arms other than have them get in the way. Did you notice the odd hand/arm placement?

After their wild shower time Paul and his ripped abs are in bed telling Beth/Sarah that he just wants to go far away with her. It seems like an odd time to ask this and they decide to talk about it in the morning since Beth/Sarah has to get drugged and probed by scientists all night long. Ick.

I love the next scene because we get to see Alison, Sarah, and Cosima together again to talk about the secret medical tests Sarah went through the night before. While Alison drops off a gun, Cosima pretty much confirms that they are all being watched by someone close to them. The paranoia starts now! Alison is suspicious of Donnie (so am I) and Sarah learns that Sav from Degrassi lent her some surveillance tools to observe Paul. She decides to visit Paul at work and is met with another Degrassi child actor all grown up (hello Emma)! There are only so many actors in Canada and they get recycled on a lot of different shows.

Sarah is resourceful and taps Paul’s office with a mic while Alison searches the house for clues about Donnie’s intentions. Paul notices Beth/Sarah no longer has a scar on her neck and from the look on his face we all know that he knows. RUN SARAH!! Seriously, I am fearing for Sarah’s life. How much longer can she keep up the hoax? Simultaneously Alison finds a secret hiding place of Donnie’s that includes porno videos which makes some sense since Alison is portrayed as an Ice Queen. However, Donnie was making a call to someone and it seems he was talking about Alison. I don’t trust him one bit! I think he’s her monitor and there’s got to be proof somewhere! Alison is busting apart Donnie’s lockbox she found in the garage and Felix hears Paul clear his calendar for the afternoon. Um, not good!

And now, my obsession with Cophine begins!! Did I know I would get so attached to this couple? No. Did I anticipate how much I would like Cosima, her crazy science, and Delphine’s hair? No. But this is the beginning of a ship…a ship I will sail until the end of the show! OTP Alert! Okay, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way I can talk about how awesome Cosima is at science and how bad she is at concealing the hair sample she just gave to lab boy and pretending it wasn’t hers. Like, REALLY? Who else has dreads and suddenly your lab mate wants you to do an analysis on something that obviously came from herself!

Delphine speaks on the phone in French as Cosima tests her own blood and the blood from the German’s suit case. Delphine apologizes for the loud talking and leaves in a rush, forgetting a paper behind on the desk. Of course Cosima is going to give the paper back to Delphine and at this point I feel like I know this is the beginning of a setup! It’s especially clear when Delphine is waiting in the hallway to be “discovered” by Cosima. Delphine and her perfect hair (seriously, whoever does hair and make-up on this show is genius!! ) are just there looking pretty. Cosima gives the paper back and notices that Delphine has some really fantastic grades. This is where I introduce you to the term sapiosexual because Cosima thinks a report card is sexy. (Yes Urban Dictionary is a credible source!)  Also it helps me explain away the Delphine and Leekie make-out session…but I’m getting ahead of myself here! Cosima and Delphine have some eye gazing, an energy exchange, whatever it is you know this is not the last time they will meet.

Back at Beth’s pad Sarah is reading through all of Beth’s old letters to Paul and it’s obvious Beth loved him but Paul didn’t love her back. Even with that knowledge, Paul wouldn’t leave her and I suddenly feel awful for Beth. I will always wonder what happened leading up to her decision to jump in front of that train.  Those are the flashbacks I want!

Sarah finally gets to see Kira and picks her up at school. An initially hesitant Kira warms up as soon as she knows it is really her mom and not “aunty Allison” pretending to be her mom. They go back to the house of Mrs. S and bond while Sarah eventually asks Mrs. S to level with her about where she came from. Finally we are getting to the mystery of it all! I want to know right now but of course we cut to another scene just as Mrs. S gets assurance that Vic the idiot boyfriend is out of the picture. Sarah assures her that Vic is gone and then we have a scene all about Vic.  I don’t really care cause Vic is whinny.

Apparently Vic is a dirty drug pusher and is getting roughed up by some sort of mob boss/drug lord. He needs to get the drugs back and some payment. He decides to track Sarah down to get the drugs back and mistakes Alison for Sarah at the spy store. Why is Alison at the spy store? Because she doesn’t trust Donnie as far as she can throw him and I don’t’ either! Vic tries to get Sarah/Alison to talk but Alison hurries her kids in the car and then sprays Vic with a can of mace! YES! This also reminds me of all the girls I knew in college who used to carry a mini bottle of mace on their key rings…you never know when you’ll need it!

Then we see Paul and we know he’s a villain, well, he’s working for the villains. We get introduced to Oliver, Paul’s boss who is an even mix of nerdiness and creepiness. We don’t know what they talk about until Sarah and Felix go over the secret recording they made of the chat in Oliver’s office. Oliver worries about Beth’s mental health and Paul assures him that she is okay even though he knows that something is up and she may not really be Beth anymore. Then the bombshell drops… Oliver says that as Beth’s “monitor” Paul should not get involved and that his job is only to observe. BOOM! There it is, all clones are being monitored by someone close to them. We are left to figure out who these people are and I immediately put up a “person of interest” board in my living room full of CSI type surveillance shots and strategically placed string connecting everything together.

Paul calls Sarah and wants to meet. She answers and gives him a screw you message and then Paul texts a picture of Sarah and Kira taking a walk. Well, shoot, now I need to care about villain Paul. Cosima gets filled in on the Paul/monitor situation and hypothesizes that it is some kind of double blind experiment and that Paul may not know exactly why he is monitoring Beth. Cosima is smart. Sarah prepares herself to go into the condo after her convo with Cosima and is either going to shoot Paul or pump him for intel.

Paul apparently knew something was up when they had sex on the kitchen counter but didn’t care that much because: sex. After a lot of plotline reviews Paul points his gun at Sarah and demands to know what happened to Beth. Sarah finally tells the story of how Beth killed herself and Sarah assumed her identity. Paul doesn’t believe it until Sarah reveals that Paul killed Beth because she couldn’t live with the lie that was Paul and Beth’s life together. Paul is crushed and especially so, now that he really is falling for Sarah. Sarah lays it all out on the counter and lets Paul know that he is responsible for Beth.  Paul apologizes as he is pounded by the truth of the situation. He reveals that he had no choice but to monitor Beth and that they don’t tell him why he has to observe, he just does. End credits! WOW, that last scene was INTENSE! Seriously, as much as Paul bores me, I really feel bad for him. He’s just a pawn in this game like all the rest. Now back to my suspect board until next episode!

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