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Sleepy Hollow S2 Ep 9: Mama

Jenny and Abbie never fail to make me cry just a little with their emotional scenes! This episode is no different, especially in the scenes with their mother Lori Mills (Aunjanue Ellis)!

We start the episode with Abbie having a creepy nightmare where she sees a hooded figure, hears her mama sing and warn her about demons. Abbie jerks awake. Poor Crane is sniffling from a cold.  Abbie tells him to get rest and take the medicine she brought him.  She tells him about her most recent dream. Apparently she’s been dreaming about her mother for a week. That’s a sign!

Sheriff Reyes calls Abbie and gives her a case to investigate, the deaths of three patients who committed suicide in three nights at Tarrytown Psychiatric Mental Hospital.  Reyes knew Abbie would’ve wanted to investigate it even though she knows that Abbie’s mom stayed at the facility.  She wants Abbie to do whatever it takes to solve the case.

Abbie brings in Jenny since she stayed at the facility.  Jenny is glad to help but cautions Abbie about finding out things. Abbie and Jenny run into a patient named Walter who is taken care of by an old fashioned nurse.  Jenny and Abbie first visit Irving to glean any information about the suicide patients. Since when was Abbie able to see Irving? Didn’t Henry provide the hospital with a list of people not allowed to see his client? Irving knew the first victim from group therapy.  Jenny thought that maybe the patient relapsed after hearing he was getting better.  All three patients didn’t have a motivation to commit suicide.  Abbie asked the hard question, if Irving was in any way involved with the suicides since Henry has his soul.  Irving is still able to control his decisions so no he is not involved. He doesn’t blame them for asking though. Irving agrees to help them.

209sh_scn7pt_2891_f_previewAbbie and Jenny look at the surveillance footage.  As they are going over the video, Jenny tells Abbie of her time at Tarrytown.  She even remarks that their mother prepared her when Jenny sneaked in to see her mother but saw her being dragged away.  Abbie wants to understand why she was chosen as a witness.  She admits that she was always concerned about staying at Tarrytown since their mother as well as Jenny had been there. They find the video footage from the night Nelson, the first patient died.  They see their mother appear!


Back at the Archives, Abbie tries to remember if her mother mentioned anything about Moloch.  We then see a flashback where her mother gets upset when Abbie and Jenny came home from using the bus.  Her mantra is eyes open, head up, and trust anyone.  Crane and Abbie initially believe that Lori is causing the suicides. Hawley then comes in with materials from the cabin and food.  For Crane he brings matzo ball soup, which is mixed with something to help Crane sleep.  Crane likes the soup.  Before dozing off he tells them that Tarrytown sits on a line that converges between the spirit world and reality.  Now that Moloch’s alive he may have brought Lori back to torture patients.  Abbie observes that Katrina hasn’t killed Moloch yet if he was able to bring someone back as a ghost.  Hawley offers to help since Crane is out of commission.  Hawley and Abbie are surprised that the other is a Jane Austen fan when Hawley makes a reference to one of Austen’s characters.

209sh_scn17pt_3588_f_previewAt Tarrytown, Jenny and Abbie with Hawley are looking at the surveillance again.  Jenny wants her to find peace and Abbie wants to send Lori back to wherever she came from.  Jenny notices Walter, in his room with broken glass.  They rush to prevent him cutting his wrists.  Jenny and Hawley help hold him down.  When Abbie sees Lori she gets transported to an older wing of the hospital.  Lori appears, warning Abby it’s not safe.  Nurse Lambert (Cynthia Stevenson), the one who was with Walter earlier is the one that finds her. Abbie plays it off like she turned a wrong corner when asked why she was in this wing of the house.  Jenny and Hawley split up and search for Abbie.  Jenny enters the same wing as Abbie and gets a message on a door window.  Abbie catches up with her.  The message was a code for specific patient video sessions.  Abbie thinks their mother is trying to tell  them something.

209sh_scn24pt25pt_1842_f_previewAbbie finds Lori’s video sessions.  Jenny is hesitant at first because she remembers always being scared.  The Mills sisters watch the video.  Lori is in a straightjacket being questioned. She mentions Nurse Lambert’s name.  Abbie thinks that the nurse is behind the deaths.   We then see Lambert approach Irving.  Irving takes the medicine she offers.  He tries to drown himself listening to voices telling him to let go.  Abbie, Jenny, and Hawley manage to save him.  When Irving wakes up in his room, Abbie tells him that according to the tox report, he was under the influence of pyschotropic drugs which opened his mind to suggestions, especially of the demon variety.

209sh_scn25pt27_2673_f_previewMs. Lambert, demon nurse, has a history of doing “mercy kills” from the 1950s.  She would give the patients drugs and suggest that they commit suicide.  Abbie thinks Lori is trying to help them stop Ms. Lambert.  The Mills sisters and Hawley go back to Tarrytown into their mom’s old room.  They find under some plaster on a wall a black chalk drawing of the sisters with some of the lyrics to the song “You are my sunshine,” the same tune that Abbie heard in her dream.  Seeing the lyrics triggers a memory for Jenny.  She was in the car with Lori and the radio was playing.  They were in a garage and the exhaust fumes were getting into the car.  Jenny believes that her mother was trying to kill her.  Mama Mills appears.  Hawley actually sees her this time too.

Their mother tells them of a book by their ancestor Grace Dixon (Onira Tares).  There is a hex in the book that can get rid of Nurse Lambert.  She tried remembering it but couldn’t, so she was unable to prevent the other deaths.  Lambert busts into the room and kidnaps Abbie.  Jenny and Hawley go look for the book in the basement while Lori tries to help Abbie.  Hawley finds Lori’s box of belongings.  In there was the drawing Jenny showed her mother in the flashback.  The journal is found.  They find the hex that could work.  Abbie meanwhile gets restrained in a bed.  Nurse Lambert tries to force her to take pills.  Jenny begins the spell.  Lambert reveals that she convinced Lori to commit suicide.  Mama Mills tries to choke Lambert from behind then gets thrown to the side.  Lambert is about to whip Lori with the chain she almost choked on when Jenny’s spell appears to be working.  She is torn apart by the end of the spell casting.  Both Mama Mils and Nurse Lambert disappear.   Jenny and Hawley find Abbie.  She tells them that Lori fought for her.  She wanted to a chance to say thank you before she left.  Jenny says there may be a way.

They hold a séance in Mama Mill’s room.  Crane is feeling better and helped bring the materials. He admits that he needed the rest.  They begin the ceremony.  Lights flicker and the earth shakes.  Mama appears.  Things get emotional when Lori looks at them proudly.  Lori confirms to Abbie that she knew that she was a witness.  In finishing Jenny’s flashback, we see mama wake up long enough to drive the car out of the garage so they could get fresh air since Jenny was knocked out and the demon appeared in the back of the car. Jenny realizes she saved her.  Tarrytown was Mama’s purgatory.  Mama Mills always knew that Abbie was capable of winning the war by being strong.  She tells them that the key to defeating Moloch is in the journal.  Abbie wants to know how they can free her.  Lori tells her they did.  With tears flowing from all of the Mills, Lori disappears.  Was it just me or did Crane and Hawley appear awkward in that situation?

As Abbie is driving away she almost hits Irving!  Irving took an opportunity to escape.  He thinks that he has more of a fighting chance outside than in Tarrytown.  He’s holding onto Abbie’s promise to help him.  I don’t blame him!  He gets in the back of her SUV and she drives off.

Demon Moloch has a Growth Spurt

Katrina visits the crib.  Henry goads her into holding baby Moloch by mentioning how well she did with him.  As Katrina is holding the baby, the audience sees the demon baby looking like he’s sucking near Katrina’s neck.  His hand gives Katrina a bad rash.  Katrina makes a potion to give to the baby.  By the time she reaches the crib again, the baby is gone.  She goes downstairs and sees a young boy rummaging through the kitchen cabinets.  He calls her mama and tells her he’s hungry.  Looks like Katrina will have to come up with another way for her to get Moloch to take her potion!

This episode was emotional in so many ways! I also think Katrina took too long to create the potion to get rid of Moloch.  What did you think of the episode?  Did you enjoy the sister bonding?  Sound off below in the comments!

*Photos courtesy of FOX/Brownie Harris

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